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ExpatFinder Blog » Expat Culture Shock: feels like living on another planet?

Here is the first of our funny videos series!

This video is to highlight some of the challenges faced when moving or living abroad. Culture shock can be a difficult experience affecting the whole family… This video is a funny mashup of a 1964 comedy movie taken from the fantastic Prelinger archives. Video editing was done by Peter Du and the music editing by Karmaleon.

Remember that you can use ExpatFinder search engine to learn more about Culture shock, cultural etiquette, local customs, intercultural experience and more so that you will be in the know before you go!

via ExpatFinder Blog » Expat Culture Shock: feels like living on another planet?

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Time to see beyond SEO for Google – itsReal


By Victoria Ho, ZDNet Asia..
Businesses looking to grow their Web site traffic should probably start thinking about a long-term strategy that goes beyond Google search engine optimization (SEO) tactics…According to Zia Zaman, executive vice president of global marketing of Norwegian company Fast Search & Transfer, there is a growing trend of companies hiring SEO consultants to achieve higher search engine rankings. However, this tactic of increasing a Web site’s chances of getting listed among the top few entries of a relevant search result is “shortsighted”, and may not result in a big payoff that one might hope, Zaman said.

He explained that a company focusing on SEO is reliant on a search engine’s algorithm which is often kept secret. An SEO consultant has to continually adapt to the search engine’s algorithm changes which may neither be announced nor easily understood.

It seems the industry is starting to move beyond optimizing a site for leading search engines like Google which recently altered its PageRank algorithm, affecting several high-profile sites.

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Search Engine Rankings courtesy of – itsReal

So, how are the Alternative Search Engines doing? Well, there are statistics of all shapes and sizes that can be referenced, but here is one that seems fairly representative.

The $65,000 question is – if YOU owned every single Alternative Search Engine,
WHAT WOULD YOU DO to increase your total market share penetration?

Chart provided by Internet World Stats by permission.

Check Out altsearchengines for emerging search technology breakthroughs

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