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My Favorite Alien of all Time

I Will Survive…

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Intense Animation Studio taps The Pacific West Communications to drive its Marketing Communications

Services to be delivered include comprehensive integrated marketing campaigns incorporating new media channels such as Second Life and development of strategic business relationships with organizations and groups in the computer graphics and animation sector in the Asia-Pacific Region.


Intense Animation Studio today announced that it will tap the expertise of The Pacific West Communications to drive its marketing communications initiatives across the Asia-Pacific region.

The Pacific West Communications will develop comprehensive, integrated marketing campaigns to drive awareness and lead-generation of Intense Animation Studio’s services.

“We are pleased to select The Pacific West Communications as our agency of record to assist us in developing our marketing initiatives for the region.” said Tony Sealy, Managing Director, Intense Animation Studio. “We look forward to a fruitful partnership that will see The Pacific West Communications employ various innovative new media marketing strategies.”

“We will leverage the power of new media channels including Second Life to assist Intense Animation Studio in developing important regional communities.” said Andrew Peters, Asia-Pacific Regional Director, The Pacific West Communications. “This will help raise awareness of the Intense Animation Studio brand of services.”

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