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3D glasses to become a big business for CE industry – Current

LAS VEGAS: The introduction of the 3D television has brought with it a secondary category in the sale of glasses which is expected to be profitable for consumer electronics suppliers and retailers – but will consumers BYO to the 3D cinema?

There are two main types of 3D glasses – battery-powered active shutter glasses which turn on and off and are likely to be sold mainly by the companies that make the televisions to consumers for a retail price of approximately $100.

via 3D glasses to become a big business for CE industry – Current: Electrical, Electronics and Appliance Industry News and Issues.

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3D Rome – CNN seems to think this is cool – itsReal

Rome, “Caput Mundi”, for centuries it was the center of the known world.  But how did they really live in ancient times, from the mad emperors to the brutal spectacles to the decadent  lifestyle?

Come and discover at  3D Rewind Rome , a space of 1200 square meters just 80 meters from the colosseum in the heart of Rome.

3DRewind Rome,  hosts the only 3d experience in Italy in which the visitors are suddenly catapulted back in time to Ancient Rome in the year 310 A.D., the age of the Emperor Maxentius, developed by an international group of leading archaeologists, architects, historians and digital designers.

In 3D Rewind Rome, visitors relive the history of ancient Rome interactively thanks to state of the art technology and digital animations.

Tens of thousands of virtual characters bring the ancient city to life, the crowded streets, the Roman forum, heart of the Empire, the temples, the tribunals and the famed Colosseum.

Itis a great opportunity to understand better the architectual sights of the city today and is a fascinating adventure back in time.

This project was realized in partnership with the city of Rome and will be only the first of a series of Rewind Projects in the most important cities of the world.

3DRewind Rome, is a creation of Virtuality group.

More info: 3DRewind


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CNN to rely on Second Life Residents for SL News – itsReal

CNN To Launch Bureau in Second Life Virtual World..

In the week of Nov. 5, the news giant is set to open a news-gathering outpost in Second Life. And unlike news service Reuters, which embedded a real reporter in the online virtual world last year, CNN will rely on Second Life “residents” to do all the legwork.

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Has anyone seen the 3D screens at Centrepoint…

Yesterday after the BNI Annual Conference at Legends, I wondered into Centrepoint Singapore and had to take a second look at the wide screen monitors above the escalators that head down to the supermarket… they are 3D… why are they there… there is no advertising that i saw to announce their reason for being there… I should have taken a photo.. or was i simply dreaming…. has anyone else seen them ?

News source below from 3pointd

Holographic television displays are apparently closer than we thought, according to a company called SeeReal Technologies. They’re developing 3D holographic display techniques that would work on flat LCD screens and would not require special glasses.


The system tracks viewers’ eyes and directs output accordingly. For more detail, you can read a good FAQ page on their site. Or show up tomorrow (23 May), at the Society for Information Display’s International Symposium in Long Beach CA, where SeeReal will unveil some of their new tech, according to a press release. Sounds promising. But how does it look?


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