Interexpat’s launches with a vibrant social media campaign. is a resource website comparing various currency-related transactions, travel money products, brokers quotation requests for international fund transfers.

Singapore, October 18th 2010 – Interexpat Pte. Ltd. today launched Its aim is to assist users in saving time and money by comparing a wide range of currency exchange and money transfer products and services in one place.

The free to use website offers a comprehensive choice of products and service providers to help consumers make informed decisions when transferring money to another country or exchanging currencies.

“It was a good way to leverage on the strong and trusted relationships we have built with our currency specialist partners and as such to offer the user greater insights on currency transactions and money saving tools,” said Sébastien Deschamps, co-founder, Interexpat.

The new website launch is also supported by a strong social media campaign, created by an interaction with active bloggers in the industry highlighted on the website as well as a disruptive Facebook campaign offering users to become “Fans” of their currencies.

The “I *heart* my currency” campaign stretches across more than 50 currencies and as many active Facebook Fan Pages, offering the users a discussion platform, a place to follow the worldwide currency supporters race as well as valuable information.

“We wanted to showcase the growing expertise of our team in social media management and at a time where currency wars are making the headlines across the globe we thought that to throw in a little bit of love and support would certainly be very much welcomed,” adds Sébastien Deschamps. comes with an extensive offering of detailed articles as well as a comparison of products and services ranging from Travel money cards to Business foreign exchange.


Media Contact

Sébastien Deschamps

Interexpat Pte Ltd

tel: + 65 6479 6469

Email: contact @


About Interexpat &

French and French-American co-founders Francois and Sébastien Deschamps are currently working on innovative solutions for consumers around the world. and are managed by their co-founded Singapore based company: Interexpat Pte Ltd.. For more information visit:


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