Wireless@SG = Internetless@SG ?

I was out and about today as usual. Sitting at one of those nice coffee places in Marina Square, I decided to whip out my Powerbook (yes one of those machines that I bought nearly 8 years ago) to do some work. It picked up the Wireless@SG signal and I thought great, I can run through my mails and update my calendar. Alas, it was just a signal without bandwidth.

Maybe I should try switching it to Wireless@SGx as I have already configured the connection at my computer. Again, it was just a signal without bandwidth. So there I was drinking coffee and had not much done for the morning other than reading the stuff that I had borrowed from the library a couple of days ago.

A little after noon, I then decided to head towards Raffles City and test both the SG & SGx connections. Well, what do you know? There was a signal and I parked myself in another coffee joint hoping to get a run through for the day though my mobile office. Again, no bandwidth. Coffee + empty stomach + no bandwidth = Not good. I felt like I have completely wasted a day trying to get some work done while soaking in the city buzz.

So without one of those mobile internet plug-in thingy, what does a mobile warrior do? I tried the connection again on the small screen of my E63 only to get “No gateway reply”. So much for getting “connected” in the city.

So what’s the point of having a strong signal with no bandwidth? Or was it just me? I wonder if anyone else has the same issue.

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