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Stanley A. Miller II Free social media apps allow you to check out venues
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
First, a few words about how these free apps work using Foursquare as an example – although Gowalla, a similar program, also has fans.
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Which Location-Based App Is Your Favorite? (blog)
Yelp and Twitter have integrated locations into their sites, and entirely new services like Loopt, Foursquare, and Gowalla have sprung up around the trend.
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KnowMore tries to find the good stuff from your Twitter, Facebook feeds
Knowmore will also break that out by media type, so you can see the 25 most active articles, photos, videos or even locations published through Foursquare
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Local pastor among evacuees during Hawaii tsunami scare
Lompoc Record
On an invitation from the New Hope Christian Fellowship, in Honolulu, Pastor Bernie Federmann, pastor of the Lompoc Foursquare Church and his son Brian,
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Interview with Plancast CEO Mark Hendrickson Part 1
The Next Web
I think at SXSW there are plenty of check-in solutions such as Foursquare and Gowalla. You can also have live discussions on Hot Potato.
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Games, Markets, And Work And Play On The Web (press release)
A lot of people hate on foursquare but they quite brilliantly use a simple game to get users to do something they ordinarily wouldn’t – share their location
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Bits ‘n’ Bites: Local Web marketing tactic
Monterey County Herald
For example, the Foursquare application on your phone gives you and your friends new ways of exploring the Peninsula. You can earn points and unlock badges
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easy on the eyes in the shower
San Francisco Chronicle
Four square forged-brass-finished designs – Mission, Waves, Deco Line and Deco Swirl (pictured) – are an attractive alternative to the traditional design.
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In constant touch: Comfort, but lack of focus, loss of privacy
Seattle Times
Foursquare or Gowalla tell people where you are, using GPS satellites. Some people worry about stalking, domestic violence and being connected to people who
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The Guardian

South by Southwest: how the geeks took over the world’s coolest festival
The Guardian
mobile phone game Foursquare whilst simultaneously watching the likes of Williams and Ek – appearances which are furiously blogged and tweeted.
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EXPOSED: UK PR Agencies fail to understand Foursquare |
By Rax
You’d have to have been living in a cave over the past few months to not have heard about Foursquare, the location based mobile social network. Even. –
What the heck is FourSquare? | Virtual Simplicity
By Sally
I finally signed up for FourSquare. I’m not talking about the game you used to play in middle school. FourSquare is one of the newer players to the Social Networking scene.
Virtual Simplicity –
Foursquare and the Library | Library Links « Book Mobilize
By Heidi
Now I’m the Mayor of 7 places on Foursquare. Mayorships are earned by checking in more than anyone else at a given location. Becoming the Mayor of a location allows you to edit the location’s Foursquare listing, including correcting the
Book Mobilize –
Foursquare now shows who you were with in addition to where you
By VisionWiz Team
Foursquare now shows who you were with in addition to where you were at a particular time.
Notes From SXSW: Foursquare vs. Gowalla – The Human Application
One of the races we’re watching closely is the competition between popular location-based applications, Gowalla and Foursquare. Although both applications have experienced exponential growth (Foursquare tweets “one million check-ins a
The Human Application –

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Foursquare on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid This photo is licensed under a Creative Commons license. If you use this photo within the terms of the license or make

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