Tourism WA launches new positioning and Taxi Ride campaign – mUmBRELLA

hmmm… sounds like the “couch trip” reality show from the UK ? and where is the blogger from the “best job in the world”APLINK

..Tourism Western Australia has launched a new brand positioning and marketing campaign targeting 35 to 64 year olds from Australia and key international markets including the USA, UK and Japan.

The new Experience Extraordinary positioning, created by Host, will aim to educate consumers on what they can do in the state.

Stephanie Buckland, Tourism WA CEO, said: “We know from extensive research that many of our target consumers don’t know what there is to do and see in Western Australia and that this is a barrier to travel. They are not aware of the unique experiences on offer in Western Australia.”

The Extraordinary Taxi Ride was created to support the new brand positioning. It will see the launch of a nine-week taxi journey with 11 sets of passengers from Australia and around the world undertaking the 11 legs of the journey around the state.

via Tourism WA launches new positioning and Taxi Ride campaign – mUmBRELLA.

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