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If EVER there was a new Virtual World Development occurring I believe we are witnessing one via

The program driven by Internet Marketing boasts 3 days 33 thought leaders 30,000 lives transformed  –  the program organisers have married internet marketing tactics with their OWN custom-built virtual world which might be better described as a virtual space. In addition, these internet marketers are trying to grasp social media opportunities via their blog, youtube, and of course facebook & twitter.

check out their promo video:

Whether these marketing claims manifest entirely is not the issue, what is reality is the virtual world that has been created and the social need that Yoovolution is attempting to satisfy, yes in turn making them money.

The tactics of SOME Internet Marketers are considered by a large percentage of the public as infecting in a hideous virus kinda way and I myself are prone to ignore the multiple pleads and email avalanche these consultants persist to do, yet it must work and it is done within the legal framework of the internet. (in most cases)

That said, the yoovolution proposition is compelling and may just be the medicine needed to kick-start virtual worlds again – something that second life the premier virtual world, but who has gone PUBLICLY MUTE and other emerging worlds like Twinity might mimic or make relevant to their worlds.

Yoovolution is about HELPING people, bringing people together to share for their personal development, as well as their personal and business growth – and participants don’t need to catch a plane to be with others also seeking answers and guidance.

So is this the ultimate Positive social influence execution of Social Proof ?

Are existing Virtual Worlds missing the point on what they really should be about ?

Are these Internet Marketers just cashing in on peoples in abilities ?

Can Yoovolution create a herd effect to bring new life to virtual worlds?

I know what i believe this develeopment offers, let me know your thoughts – APLINK – itsReal 🙂

Social Proof source:

Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon that occurs in ambiguous social situations when people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behavior. Making the assumption that surrounding people possess more knowledge about the situation, they will deem the behavior of others as appropriate or better informed. Since observation of others usually provides only inconclusive information about what behavior is most profitable, the term ‘informational social influence’ is superior. Social influence in general can lead to conformity of large groups of individuals in either correct or mistaken choices, a phenomenon sometimes referred to as herd behavior. Although informational social influence at least in part reflects a rational motive to take into account the information of others, formal analysis shows that it can cause people to converge too quickly upon a single choice, so that decisions of even large groups of individuals may reflect very little information


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4 responses to “Social Proof in a Virtual World – itsReal

  1. I wasn’t able to create an account with my existing Multiverse name, and got an error message advising me of that. They recorded the email address I entered, though, and have sent me an email in which they say they will “bribe, cajole, tempt, tease and do everything but show up at your door with a big stick to get you to come”. That does not bode well in my mind.

    There’s no new information to be had at this event. It’s a marketing scheme, a collection of self-help sellers, get rich schemes, multi-level marketers, etc.

    Multiverse does not seem to be doing real well with it’s virtual world platform. It’s sad that it has to be associated with this sort of thing.

    I’m already on their email list, and am entering the Youniverse world at the moment.

    Here’s an excerpt from the help screens: “”Download” Their Very Best Habits, Tools, and Mindsets to Eliminate Your Debt and Misery… Attract Mind-Blowing Relationships… and Live the Lifestyle of Your Choosing… All in The Course of Just One Breath-Taking Weekend…Without Leaving Home!”

    The claim is made that you will be shown: “in just 3 days — how to seize control of every area of your life and insulate yourself from the economic train wreck thundering around you…”

    It goes on and on with that sort of material.

    I’m taking a look at it, since my email address is already in their system, but I can’t recommend that anyone else do so.

    Fortunately for me, GMail has excellent spam filters. I expect the filters will get a bit more use as a result of my trying this out.

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