Top Ten Ris Low Positive Steps to take

The Top Ten Positive Steps for Ris Low – ex Miss World Singapore Beauty Queen – It is unfortunate that the Singapore media has taken advantage ofย  one of their own – Namely Ms Ris Low – however Ris you can turn the tables on these circumstances and after some time out of the camera’s glare re-emerge armed with the SMARTS you need to shine beautifully in all ways that you seek to fulfil. But it will take a little work ๐Ÿ™‚

Top Ten Ris Low Positive Steps to take:

  1. REFUSE any further interviews until you are ready
  2. ENGAGE an honest & supportive publicity manager
  3. SEEK Public Speaking and Language Tuition expertise
  4. REMAIN out of the Public Eye till you are prepared
  5. SUPPORT Nursing but in the real sense it is not for you
  6. MOVE past your youthful mistakes – yes that is all they are not fun
  7. MENTOR find someone that you admire to help groom you
  8. FIND those things that you are passionate about, with passion you can do almost anything and there is the excitment you crave
  9. EMERGE to the public confident, brilliant, sophisticated and with purpose
  10. SMILE – you are radiant when you do. With radiance, it can and will help you and those you support and care for to bring your personal life & career to heights that others may only dream of.
Radiant Ms Ris Low - Image Zaobao

Radiant Ms Ris Low - Image Zaobao

To the Public & the Media: What an incredible opportunity to build a new and globally influential position for Ris Low and Singapore.


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4 responses to “Top Ten Ris Low Positive Steps to take

  1. Jennifer

    “…excitement you ‘grave’?” A little editing would have gone a long way here. Especially given the topic under discussion.

  2. Antoinette

    hi, there’s another typo in #8: “wich”

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