ExpatFinder.com Launches Rich Features for CASH strapped EXPATS

ExpatFinder.com launches product comparison and quotation request features to help expatriates find cost effective solutions in recessionary times.

More expats are now facing greater challenges abroad as a result of cut backs caused by the economic recession. ExpatFinder.com are addressing these needs in five key products channels which are Housing & Real Estate, Finance, Insurance, Relocation services and Education. The services are introduced in a new product comparison and quotation request offering as part a major design overhaul of ExpatFinder.com.

Singapore July 6, 2009. Interexpat Pte. Ltd., the Singapore headquartered Internet services company today launched a revamped website to help expatriates save time and money by comparing a wide range of products and services: http://www.expatfinder.com

The one stop website for people on the move or already living abroad is free and articulates around five main products channel: Housing and real estate, Finance, Insurance, Relocation services and Education covering over 30 lines of products and services.

Featuring a simple product and service search interface, ExpatFinder provides its users access to a comprehensive selection of products and detailed information needed to make the moving process easier, life abroad less challenging and more cost effective.

ExpatFinder.com leveraged on the successful launch of its vertical information search engine end of August 2008 that cumulated over 1.5 million visits since then. Following an extensive research and testing period looking at user behavior and needs, the new website offers now content rich information and direct application features.


“The expats are commonly utilizing comparison websites in their home country. For example, sites like Moneysupermarket.com, Uswitch.com and others have proven to be a great solution when searching for products and services. With ExpatFinder.com we have decided to offer the same approach so that our users could compare all the products and services they need wherever they relocate around the world and find the best possible deals” said co-founder Francois Deschamps.

The expatriates have been hit hard by the economic downturn and the comparison site is expected to help them save money in their relocation process as well as in their everyday life abroad locally.

Companies are reducing expat packages, cutting down allowances therefore changing the way the expatriates have to manage their relocation and overseas everyday life. A large number of expatriates have to shop around on the basic requirements like international insurances or banking services. With ExpatFinder.com the user is able to handle all the aspects of his life abroad in a cost effective way and ultimately make the assignment a success” adds Sébastien Deschamps, co-founder, Interexpat.

The new website comes with an extensive offering of detailed tips and advice articles as well as more than 40 free downloadable city guides to help the international employees and their families in every step of their move and life abroad.

About Interexpat & ExpatFinder.com

French and French-American co-founders Francois and Sébastien Deschamps are currently working on innovative solutions for the expatriate populations around the world. ExpatFinder.com was created to bring support to people and families in global transition or with international lifestyles. ExpatFinder.com is managed by their co-founded Singapore based company: Interexpat Pte Ltd.. For more information visit: http://www.expatfinder.com

Media contact: Andrew Peters The Pacific West Communications m:+65 94519012 e: andrew@thepacificwest.com

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