Singpore Entrepreneurs Homeless – itsReal

With the “relocation” notice up at the Geek Terminal Singapore…

…Many who frequented the Geek Terminal are now homeless and looking for a new home – the new home must have …

– free reliable wireless access
– adequent power outlets for hungry laptops
– tables big enough for laptops and coffee
– great coffee and snacks for thirsty and hungry entrepreneurs & their guests
– CBD location preferred…

If anyone can help these Homeless Singapore Entrepreneurs email me APLINK


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3 responses to “Singpore Entrepreneurs Homeless – itsReal

  1. J

    how many of them?

  2. Ezprezzo


    the same guys that brought you Geek Terminal has also created a new upcoming exciting joint which we will carry the DNA of Geek Terminal. Wait another 2 weeks for the coming bang!!

    Chief Barista – Espressoul
    Putting our soul into everything we do!

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