Confirmed: Second Life, online adult games to be banned outright in Australia

What are the Australian Politicians doing ? Who relected them? Are they CRAZY ? APLINK astonished…

The Australian Minister for Censorship has today confirmed what I’ve been reporting for nearly two years: online adult games including Second Life will be banned in Australia.

A spokesman for Censorship Minister Stephen “Goebbels” Conroy confirmed to Fairfax newspapers that “under the filtering plan, it will be extended to downloadable games, flash-based web games and sites which sell physical copies of games that do not meet the MA15+ standard.” In Australia, the MA15+ rating means that the content is restricted to those aged 15 and above. Australia does not have a R 18+ or similar rating for computer games, with all adult games automatically being classified as RC (Refused Classification.)

via Confirmed: Second Life, online adult games to be banned outright in Australia.


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8 responses to “Confirmed: Second Life, online adult games to be banned outright in Australia

  1. Huh?! WTF?! Did ‘W’ just surface down under to make life miserable for yet another continent?

  2. read the actual article, it does not say that Second Life will be banned . . .

  3. skribeforti

    The ABC Island admin yesterday confirmed that Second Life WOULD NOT be banned. This came directly from the Communications Minister’s office. Furthermore the govt will never ban SL while the ABC maintains a presence there.

  4. interesting so because the ABC is a govt org and has a SL presence – this will avoid SL’s ban in Asutralia .. remarkable.

    Seriously though we are all keen to know and understand how real the threat of second life being banned in australia is – there is a significant amount of MATURE XXX Adult related content in second life – even with the re-zoning the access to the content is there – can anyone shed more light on the matter – hehe not a RED light please…

  5. skribeforti

    As we found out yesterday there is no threat. The Minister’s office has declared that SL will not be banned. How’s that for a crystal clear light? =)

  6. My brother would appreciate this website. We were recently talking about this. lol

  7. Interesting. Well, I just have added your blog to my bookmarks and I hope you’ll keep posting post like that. Regards,

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