Will “Immersive Internet’ become the next buzz word ?

an APLINK wink – Is Immersive technology just waiting for the right combination of technology and comsumer dseire to propell its mass adoption?

Will “Immersive Internet’ become the next buzz word ?

Or should I put it this way : Will the term “Immersive Internet” be the next buzz word to replace that of virtual worlds in the coming months ?

Like the term “2.0” added some glamor to the poor old web of researchers and academics, like the term “serious games” has made video games more politically correct to the anti-players, will “immersive internet” open a new era where real-time 3D surf will become hype and sexy …

An era that sweet and crazy dreamers who inhabit immersive platforms in the shape of all types of avatars will boast of being there first, missing those ancient times when the world sill had the flavor of the garden of Eden … the time before the “market” …

At the speed in which new technologies evolve and converge, change is imminent, although professionnals predict it will take two to five years to “cross the chasm”, Geoffrey Moore in Crossing the Chasm), which separates the adoption of a technology by early adopters to a take-up (early majority).

At the speed in which new technologies evolve and converge, change is imminent, although professionnals predict it will take two to five years to “cross the chasm”, Geoffrey Moore in Crossing the Chasm), which separates the adoption of a technology by early adopters to a take-up (early majority).

In the same way that it gets more difficult to imagine ourselves working without internet, it should be the same in the next five years for immersive Internet. Soon, we will study and train ourselves in virtual campuses where immersion and simulation will provide unimaginable benefits for the understanding of situations and familiar or professional applications.We will do some part of our work in 3D environments where we can communicate, collaborate with colleagues all over the world, working to produce prototypes, visualize complex datas, interview and recruit candidates.

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6 responses to “Will “Immersive Internet’ become the next buzz word ?

  1. kwameoh

    Why re invent the wheel? as the wording on your page says its all digital baby “grin” Immersion and other such terms are made up by us old fogies trying to get a grip with the wave which has not only peaked but now rushes towards a shore of which there are no maps.

    I get my clues from my five year old, who without blinking an eye says when I open my second-life client “can I walk to xyz, and talk to nice-person Oh” now nice-person Oh “avatar name” is someone she has met in real life, one of Dads friends who she knows, and in so far as she is concerned they live not only in the real world, but she can see and talk to them in virtual. Not only that but xyz are places she remembers as spaces she can meet said persons.

    So yes technically immersion, but for us to even begin to tell this upcoming generation what they would like to call their space is I am afraid, not our job 🙂

    Julius Sowu virtually-linked London

  2. shawn duckett (visionary)

    a great term to coin “immersive internet”. I do not believe it will be completely 3d, not completely cgi, not in the traditional sense, but using augmented reality the internet will become a three-dimensional space, similar to google’s “google earth”

    the internet as we know it will soon cease to exist, we will not go home and plop in front of the computer to access information or visit with friends, it will be all around us, viewable with VR glasses that layer it atop the real-world. not a complete 3d environment, but a seamless combination of 3d graphics and real life.

    traditional advertising will be gone, instead of billboards with one advert on them, there will only be a barcode, when your VR glasses scan the code they will download an ad that is targeted directly to your tastes, similar to google ads and display it where the billboard is.

    social networking websites will leave the desktop, instead of a person twittering their mood, they will choose an emoticon that will display above their real self, in real time, like a thought balloon above them (visible when you are wearing your VR glasses.

    People will be able to finally BECOME their avatars, using augmented reality, their 3d avatar persona will be displayed in real time walking in place of the person.

    Virtual clothing will become the rage, you will be able to purchase 3d clothing that can be displayed on you.

    massively multi-player online games will take to the streets, using GPS and augmented reality, you will be your avatar, and carry out missions with real people around you, also displayed in your VR glasses as their avatars.

    want to take a look at the latest BMW? given enough physical space in front of you a real-life sized 3d model can be displayed. giving you a new car showroom in your house! change the color, pull up a chair and even sit inside it.

    do a google search for “augmented reality” now combine that technology with VR glasses, a wearable pc or similar device that can connect to the internet… bam! immersive internet

  3. @kwameoh there is still quite a few skips in my walk 🙂

    @shawn so everyone on the planet will need to wear VR glasses – is that practical – the AR (augmented reality from companies like Layar.com send vastly more user friendly – but I enjoy your thinking 🙂

  4. Shawn duckett

    Yeah I’ve seen this application. It was one of the technologies that got me thinking.

    The trouble with the mobile phone style applications is you have to view it through a small window.

    I have the iPhone and love it. It will soon be inundated with augmented reality apps that I’m sure will be fun. But not release the potential or be completely immersive as I see it could be.

    Granted vr glasses sound clunky and obtrussive and for the most part they are.

    I envision a more attractive and almost invisible solution. Two products I have been able to track down fit the bill.

    The first is a pair of glasses. I would like them better if they were sterioscopic. http://www.ubergizmo.com/15/archives/2007/03/new_generation_of_video_glasses.html

    the next is a little further off but the tech is there.

    augmented reality has to start somewhere and it is starting on small mobile platforms like the iPhone. But it doesn’t push the concept far enough.

    It wasn’t long ago when the thought of every household having a computer was laughable.

    Now a computer will fit in your pocket.

    I simply think that not only is the Internet stifled by it’s confines of the desktop. But that combining augmented reality, with an Internet driven database of information, and setting your hands free with an optic. Revolutionary.

    Imagine a newspaper. With nothing on it but markers for the glasses to virtually populate.

    Take the task of battery life, and data retrieval away from impossible enews paper. And what you have is the last news paper you’ll have to buy. Video and pictures and updates all with the speed of the net. But you aren’t confined to a desktop to consume it.

  5. Shawn duckett

    I’ve seen the example you mentioned and it is what started me thinking.

    These as well as the iPhone apps that will be coming out are stifling. My vision is to not view the Internet through a window anymore. But to be completely surrounded by the information. Without the need to hold a small device in front of you.

    These applications of augmented reality do not push the concept far enough.

    True vr glasses cam be obtrussive. But there are other technologies in development like video capable contact lenses.

    But is the idea of everyone needing to wear glasses so hard to believe? Not so long ago the idea of a computer in every house hold was laughable. Now people carry them in their pockets too.

    The Internet is stifled by needing to view it through a window and only while staring transfixed at a screen, of any kind, take the screen away.

    Newspapers could be just one page. The information on them displayed by the glasses. Video, pics, stories. All downloaded and updated instantly by the connection to the net.

    You could have a 3d model of big Ben on your arm telling you the time.

    Like living in roger rabbits toon town.

    But only if you take away the small screens we have to experience it through.

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