1st Singapore Macau Styled Casino arrives; will Singapore be the next Macau?

1st Singapore Macau Styled Casino arrives; will Singapore be the next Macau?

Singaporean Ms Estelle Tayler brings her Macau Casino Expertise home as Singapore gears up for the opening of the New Integrated Resorts. Establishes 1st Macau Styled Casino theme Nights in Singapore; will Singapore be the next Macau?

Singapore June 2009The Casino Royale Integrated Entertainment, a privately held company in Singapore, launches Macau Styled Casino theme nights in preparation of the arrival of Singapore’s new Integrated Resorts. The company led by Ms Estelle Tayler, General Manager brings Macau expertise and finesse to Singaporean shores to share the experience, the thrill and entertainment only a casino can offer, without the need for real cash.

Macau, Asia’s most compelling gaming industry with mega infrastructure is attracting people from all over the world. High rollers arrive in private jets, greeted by VIP hosts at the airport, presidential villas and suites upon arrival, high credit facilities, indulging in expensive caviars and premium chateau all part of the high luxury life seen in the exciting gaming industry. With the new world class Integrated Resorts in Singapore opening their doors this year offering a smorgasbord of entertainment, relaxation and recreation activities; will Singapore be the next Macau?

The casino industry is full of life and fun! It’s an intangible entertainment experience! From friendly waitresses to dealers to pit managers to executive management, each and every one of them are perfecting their roles to ensure that patrons are well-taken care of. In addition, the gaming resort must compete with the other non-gaming activities that fight for the consumer’s disposable dollars and leisure time!

Being from the pioneer batch of Singaporeans to work in Macau in VIP service, Ms Estelle Tayler, General Manager, returns to Singapore having enjoyed the ride! She recalls moments of “high rollers” indulgence. Taylor embraced her role and job responsibilities insuring comfort and engagement for players’ development. Ms Taylor built strong relationship with premium players and made sure all their needs and wants were well-taken care of.

Now Tayler is back to develop the first Macau Styled Casino themed events in Singapore. Customers can now theme up their next private party, learn how to play casino games, showcasing their gambling skills and see how lucky they are in terms of gambling luck but yet they do not have to part with their hard-earned money!

Place your bets, Thank you.” “No more bets.” The roulette wheel starts to spin with at least 16 revolutions per minute and enthusiast punters starts placing their chips on their luckiest numbers, the young good looking chap was smartly dress in his black tight fitted vest with neatly ironed long pants awaiting for the roulette ball to stop – Joel Koh was one of the ex Star cruise dealers who now works for The Casino Royale Integrated Entertainment Singapore.

Cheers and laughter surround the casino table when the roulette ball comes to a complete stop and punters are waiting for their payouts, does all that sounds familiar? Here we are talking about a “gaming resort”—ie, what a “gaming resort” sells and consumers come to buy-is an adult gaming related entertainment experience!

If clients are worried that guests do not fully participate in the casino games because they do not understand the rules, The Casino Royale Integrated Entertainment can even make an arrangement with clients to conduct a free tutorial of playing the 3 most popular and major games in their office before the party.  All clients enjoy having fun learning the casino games and there’s definitely no harm in gambling!

Along with the Macau Styled themed nights, The Casino Royale Integrated Entertainment offers alternative theme nights for corporate companies holding their annual dinner and dance. The company has recently penetrated into businesses like banks and small enterprises using casino tables as a form of social entertainment for business networking platforms. Couples tying the knot are using casino parties to kick off the celebration with disco music playing while guests are “gambling” in a magnificent ballroom. With July arriving soon a “White Christmas” casino theme night requests are being received, large tables spread with log cake, BBQ turkey, caviars, wines and not forgetting to embrace the atmosphere with having a few “white casino tables” as an entertainment element after a filling dinner. In the pipeline are “Victoria Secret” Theme Nights which will undoubtedly be very popular.

About The Casino Royale Integrated Entertainment

The Casino Royale Integrated Entertainment Singapore is a producer of FUN live party pits with authentic casino tables and professional dealers! Ride with us in “Macau” and enjoy the high roller coaster excitement created by the win-loss cycles at the casino tables without using Real Money! And win actual products sponsored by all our business partners! Ride it like you stole it!

To learn about The Casino Royale Integrated Entertainment or to receive any additional press information, Please contact:

Agency:  Andrew Peters – The Pacific West Communications Email: Andrew HP: +65 9451 9012

Client: The Casino Royale Integrated EntertainmentMs Estelle Tayler HP: +65 83337820 Email: Estelle Website: www.thecasinoroyale.com.sg

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