Nokia N97 review: a tale of two bloggers dramatic pros & cons

I do appreciate the prompt reply but I’m surprised you were able to muster the faculties required to respond what with your head lodged so deeply inside of Nokia’s Espoo. I see not how you could otherwise defend this OS. Since my last correspondence, six days ago now I’d say, I’ve used the N97 exclusively and heavily as my personal smartphone. Had you not pointed me towards the Nokia Messenger download, though, I would have fed the N97 to my stag after day two — the pre-installed eMail application is absolutely abysmal, unusable even for my moderate needs, and an unforgivable oversight in such a high-end device. Of course, with any new smartphone and particularly one with a new OS (which this is for me) I expected to struggle as I overcame the learning curve. However, I can say with full confidence that what I have had to overcome isn’t learning, it’s the act of willful submission to being shoe-horned into a rigid box called S60 5th. I find that incredibly frustrating given the amount of time Nokia’s had to get this right.

via Nokia N97 review: a tale of two bloggers.

..and the second blogger


I have no idea if this letter will reach you. See, I didn’t know you’d moved to Haterville, and I’m afraid I don’t have your forwarding address. Unfortunately, I suspect that you — just like this letter — might be lost.

Sure, I can understand how S60 5th Edition would be a shock to the system to a seasoned iPhone user; hell, I can even understand how it’d feel like a relic from another era. At the end of the day, though, this might simply come down to a battle of capability versus presentation. When a smartphone or smartphone platform conclusively wins both of those categories, it’s no longer a subjective debate — it’s an old-fashioned ass-whooping. I’ll admit that the iPhone (particularly with the 3G S) and the current crop of Android phones nip at the heels of the N97 and its S60-based contemporaries for raw capability, but S60 still comes out on top — the N97, N86 8MP, and Samsung i8910HD are all shining examples of that in their own ways. Not only can you choose your pick of OLED displays and huge, surprisingly decent camera optics, you can also ride with a stunning array of form factors. Where’s your QWERTY iPhone? Or your ultra-thin 20-key one with HSUPA? It’s the same concept keeping Windows Mobile very much alive right now; it’s an advantage that won’t last forever, but it’s an advantage nonetheless.

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  1. S60 5th Edition is a hell kind of studd. nothing worth.

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