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Disabilities: New Social Media Survey Launched


David F. Morrison

Let me preface this by saying this post is unique and unlike any other that you have seen if you are a regular reader of this blog. I am venturing into the unknown and want you, the reader, to sit back and enjoy the ride.

When I first started this blog in June 2007 I was told to put up one post every few days to keep readers happy and I did. Then it evolved into the weekly column and what we bloggers call “‘ mini posts to keep readers thinking about disabilities consistently. Soon even this was not enough. Emails started pouring in at an alarming rate and you began to comment on my posts. This was good, interaction between reader and writer had begun but had the blog reached its full potential? NO.

Next, I linked the blog to my Social networks in an attempt to add more spark to the effort. ENTER THE WORLD OF SOCIAL MEDIA. Tools such as Facebook and Twitter have allowed this blog to rise to a new level, but with this elevation comes a learning curve. No more long winded posts like this one. Social Media revolves around short microbursts of information. Even today, I am learning as I go and countless new tools or sites are popping up daily. Once you open the door to this world you may never close it.

That is what I want to know. How much do you know about Social Media? I have created a ten question survey here as a sort of experiment. Honestly, I was bored and wanted to develope a method of data collection. Please take a few minutes and fill out this survey. It is open to anyone and just might open that door for you!

Overall, I have learned and will continue to learn about both journalism and disabilities from this experience.I think these tools are wonderfull in more ways than one. Not only is it easier for me to discuss work with all of you, but I am able to quickly connect with friends and family as well. Most of all, it comes back to you, the reader! I hope you have enjoyed, learned, and continue to learn from this blog and the evolving world of Social Media. As always, keep on dreaming, your options are endless!

Visit Disabilities: New Social Media Survey Launched – StarNewsOnline.com. to complete the simple survey or complete Survey here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=j1IxU8y6EkpVRwctdr49iA_3d_3d

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