Twinity’s All-New Female Avatars


You may have noticed that Twinity’s female avatars were ready for a makeover. So as of today, please welcome Twinity’s new female avatars!

Your new female avatar is visible when you log in to Twinity. We have remodeled her entire body, giving her a more oval face, a more elegant neck and shoulders, and much more female body proportions. Her animations have also been tweaked to give her a slinkier walk, as well as more feminine moods and facial expressions.

All your current avatar settings still apply. However your new avatar will still look different, because of her new head and body shape. You will probably need to adjust your body and face settings to get the perfect look, but these kind of problems should be easy to remedy. In some cases we recommend repeating PhotoFit to get a more genuine facial appearance.

We have also improved Twinity’s female avatar creation tools, letting you set your female avatar’s waist and hip size, and give her a more accurate age. Your previous outfits have been given an optimized fit and hairstyles have been remodeled. And for the very first time, additional jewelry options are available, such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces. For those of you looking to update your wardrobe, there are also many new summer clothes to choose from.

We hope you enjoy the new female avatar and look forward to your feedback! Take part in our mini survey below and tell us what you think about the new female avatars, or if you have more to say, drop an email to

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