PitchEngine Changes the Rules – itsReal

Protecting the Engine’s Integrity

Effective May 30, 2009 PitchEngine will discontinue streaming free social media releases to the pitchfeed. This means free content will no longer be discoverable by Google News. This is in an effort to enhance brand protection and maintain the integrity of our Google News feed. The social platform PitchEngine provides will not change.

PitchEngine will remain a free service enabling PR to effectively package stories and share them with journalists, bloggers and influencers worldwide via the social web.

We’ve recently been targeted by spammers who are using our tool solely as a means to affect their Google rank, which is simply not in the best interest of our users, especially our paid subscribers. While it’s been a great asset for our users, it’s simply not going to work if this content goes unregulated. We’re also going to step up our SMR and brand authentication efforts to maintain the validity of content hitting our feeds – even for paid subscribers.

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