Models seek fans – itsReal

Asian Reality Online Model Contest launched – The contestants have created facebook fans pages to gain your support wotrldwide, Maybe you will find out more about your SUPEMODELs than you imagined… here are their fan pages to become their fan…

Main Fanpage for Show –

SMM Ad 205X275 FA-25may

Contestent  Model Facebook FanPages

Anna –

SMM- Anna Syuhada

Christabel –

SMM - Christabel Campbell

Ciara –

SMM - Ciara Schmalfeld

Emilia –

SMM - Emilia Soh

Evelyn –

SMM - Evelyn Leckie

Fiona –

SMM - Fiona Thomas

Helen –

SMM - Helen Swale

Jenny –

SMM - Jenny Fuglsang

Kathlene –

SMM - Kathleen Mckinney

Yuen –

SMM - Yuen Sze Jia Fanpage –


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3 responses to “ Models seek fans – itsReal

  1. Helen

    Gosh…hard 2 choose coz mostly all d galz look great.My choice is a few of dem but i can only say helen is d best i choose.She got d model look & style.All d best of luck 2 u gal…

  2. corey

    for me my best model potential is split between both helen&fiona

  3. Stevie J.

    I like Christabel based on her exotic tanned look, a definite model’s build & a sexy Supermodel pose in the above picture. My money is on her !!!

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