Grab your url now before it goes

The considerable rise in twitter activity that has occured over recent weeks validates the SMS styled micro blogging market racing around the globe at the moment.

If you haven’t heard of yonkly before, then let me make it simple – yonkly is like Ning, except without most of the need to fill in the sometimes time consuming profile needs some of the ning community owners seek.


Yonkly’s popularity keeps growing ever day so if you want to grab your own name on the yonkly network visit now and secure it – yonkly is a free microblogging service yet also lets you monetize your network like ning does, for a small fee.

If you have also ever wanted to run your own network on Recipes, Pets, Classifieds, jobs or some other generic term or niche – head on over to Yonkly and grab it….

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