Sneak preview of next release of OrSiSo – itsReal

Connect to your friends on your favorite social networks.


OrSiSo currently supports: Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Friendster, Twitter, AIM, MSN Messenger & Yahoo! Messenger.

Sneak preview of next release of OrSiSo


Just 2 weeks after OrSiSo’s launch they are now ready with their next release. OrSiSo have listened to their fans, beta users, & in paricular ReadWriteWeb’s mini review. The release is due to be available now.

To begin, for those keenly utlising twitter, OrSiSo have upgraded OrSiSo’s Twitter interface.

All the most asked for features have been added including; * · Search * · Multiple columns * o Direct Messages * o Replies * o Friends * o +search columns * · Filter by closeness * · Display twitpics directly in the UI * · Refresh on demand

Secondly, the social media tool application developer has made changes to the navigation with the aim to make it easier to move between the powerful features of OrSiSo. The company realizes there is still work to be done and over the coming releases they will focus on making all the functions more intuitive to navigate.

Finally, OrSiSo is working on a Social “Radar” view… that will give the user a totally new way of overlooking his/her social universe! More details on this will be released soon. OrSiSo is now on Twitter:

Previously on OrSiSo:


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