OrSiSo the newest social networking tool – wins AWARD

Aureliant, the company behind OrSiSo, the newest social networking tool, has won a prestigious Asian industry award. OrSiSo aggregates and simplifies multiple social networking sites through one easy to use application available both on PC and on Mobile.

orsisoFounder and CEO Thorben Linneberg, said, “This system helps you organize and simplify your online social life; giving you back the time needed to socialize with your closest friends whilst keeping in touch with everyone across all your social networks. We expect to see exceptional growth in 2009 and 2010.”


OrSiSo has won the Mobile Monday award for best startup held at Geek Terminal on May 30th. The award aims to reward and recognise the exciting innovations emanating from the local mobile industry. It also aims to build and showcase the innovations from various individual developers that bring status-quo-challenging new ideas that reinvents the mobile industry, while providing visibility on the global stage to investors, customers, the media and business partners.

The jury consisted of some serious senior players in the Asian mobile industry:

· Nokia – Kenny Mathers, Head Forum Nokia (APAC)

· Yahoo! – Matthias Kunze, MD & GM

· MMA – Rohit Dadwal, MD Asia-Pacific

· MEF – Joerg Krahnert, MEF Asia/Netbiscuits

· Microsoft – Chris Chandler, Head of Mobile, Online Services Division

· RIM – Gregory Wade, Regional Vice-President

· CocoaHeads Singapore – Eric Dunivant, Founder

To find out more about OrSiSo, check out www.orsiso.com. You can download the application and be connected to all your social networks in a matter of minutes, it runs on PC, Mac and Linux.


Read more about the award on the Mobile Monday website.
For more details about OrSiSo, please contact us at info@orsiso.com


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