American Idol David Archuleta Visits The Virtual World Habbo

American Idol And Habbo Bring David Archuleta To The Virtual World

David Archuleta Avatar Earlier this year we (v irtual world news)  reported that American Idol was coming to Habbo through an exclusive license. The deal can’t officially bring in representations of the current cast or judges–or it least it doesn’t require participation–but it did put Habbo in a good position to reach out to the American Idol stable of singers. Now David Archuleta, runner up in the seventh season, has come to Habbo. Last week the singer held a well-attended in-world chat. Now Habbot is prepping to release an exclusive video of the live interview and virtual activities.

A rep explained that the in-world American Idol Theater holds about 80 avatars at one time, but a view-only option allows an additional 800 users to watch the interview without being in the room. The room was flushed about every five minutes to let new users in. As such, the company couldn’t say how many total attended, but did note that the room was full the entire time.

The video of the in-person interview and virtual activities will go live tomorrow on the Habbo Archuleta fan page along with free wallpapers and special badges for being a part of his group.

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