Social Media: The Pied Piper Effect

Is Mark Zuckerberg the Pied Piper of today with facebook as his instrument and not a Pipe… but unlike the Pied Piper who eventually seeked revenge for non payment, Mark Zuckerberg will continue to offer his followers more and more rewards and experiences from his social media platform – yet one must muse how many peoples efforts would be lost without a clear and ongoing strategy to monetize facebook.

Another Pied Piper in social media is David Meerman Scott, his recently released book World Wide Rave is yet another example of David playing his instrument, in this case his knowledge of Communications to engage a global following based on respect and a desire to seek knowledge.

On a different level of desire, Singapore’s own Andrew Chow of Romancing Singapore, who operates a social network for Singles, i recently observed him in action at the Geek Terminal where his relationship skills (his instrument) were most useful to his online followers who for the first time met for real their possible life time partners.

And so, for social media to work, does it need Pied Pipers & are people like Mark Zuckerberg, David Meerman Scott & Andrew Chow all legends of social media in their own right ? Are you a Pied Piper ? Here’s your invitation to start a following, add your ideas in the comments.

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