First Light – Live Blog from Study in Australia Event

Prof Peter Quinn, Director International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research – Live from Study in Australia 2009 Suntec City – Singapore

An overview of modern astronomy and our quest to find the dawn of creation…

Intro on Perth by Mike Ryan Executive Director Perth Eduaction City, as the ideal location for choosing Perth as your destination for your education – hey it’s on the same timezone, awesome lifestyle & climate and outstanding educational facilities.

Presenation By Professor Peter Quinn

Telescopes are Big Eyeballs

Born in Australia, Peter has been invovled in  astronomy all his life and has been instrumental and built the largest telescopes in the world, he recently returned to Australia to head the SKA project…

The Journey, hubble space station is now only the beginning,

Galileo took the first steps with the first telescope, Chile today however houses todays telescopes due to the clear nights, which started operation in 2002, wow the numbers for costs and demensions are awesome…,

The Milky Way… via normal sight, infra red and now radio – depending on the type of telescope used we find new beginnings… such as Planets, Stars & Galaxies.

Are we alone, the birth of new planets – astronomers are always seeking to find new planets – finding planets that are black, finding stars the “wobble” (dim) may indicate a new planet.

Jupiter is 1000 times bigger in mass than the earth… Stars are born and die (hmm sounds like hollywood)

Stars die by super nova explosions – but not all the time – oops someone skyped me and am catching up on the Black Holes – movie of the stars in the centre of the galaxy five years wow we have a black hole in our own galaxy – they think ?

Gallaxies collide –

Today we are seeing 4% of the Universe and we are trying to figure out the rest, 23% Cold Dark Matter & 73% Dark Energy

Telescopes as time machines…depending on when you take a picture and your distance it is related to time in the past – therefore what we see in the universe today is history but how to reach the First Light is what astronomers are attempting to do now.

Next big step for astronomy what astronomers have up their sleeves – The Doppler Effect and Red Shift….

The Square Kilometre Array – 3 billion it will cost and it needs to be in a quiet place – western australia and south africa are in the race to build the SKA Project.

Go Aussies Go… there is much riding on the exploration of the Universe and people like Prof Peter Quinn and his team are leading the way… not surprising the SKA Project will require the Largest ever built computer to manage and run the entire project.

See some presentations from Professor Peter Quinn here: Astronomy and Astrophysics – The University of Western Australia

for information on Study in australia in western australia visit:

Study In Asutralia

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