Meet Prof Peter Quinn at Study in Australia

… this weekend in Singapore, Study in Australia, Suntec Singapore 21st March Midday

Special Event: Quest to Find the Dawn of Creation

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About Professor Peter Quinn

Prof Quinn’s research focuses on the formation and evolution of galaxies using supercomputer computations and simulations. In particular he is working on the nature of Dark Matter, the formation and evolution of Dark Matter around galaxies and its influences on galaxy formation. Prof-Quinn.jpgHis ultimate aim is to develop a usable theory for galaxy formation based on the insights gained from detailed modelling and state-of-the-art observations in the optical, infrared and radio spectrum.

In addition, Prof Quinn is interested in the challenges associated with large-scale, data-intensive and computational science; in particular the concept of a Virtual Observatory and research using large digital astronomical archives.

Current involvements

Member Western Australia Radio Astronomy Committee

Member of Australian Square Kilometre Array SKA Coordination Committee

Australian representative on the international SKA Science and Engineering Committee

Member of the Australian Gemini Steering Committee

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