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Excerpts from Julia Gillard’s Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and deputy leader of the federal Australian Labor Party (ALP) Speech Address to the DEEWR International Education Roundtable
16 MARCH 2009March 16 2009

Less than three weeks ago, I released new figures which showed that international student enrolments in Australia had increased by just under 21 per cent in 2008, reaching more than 543,000.

At the time I noted that education institutions were reporting continuing strong interest from international students wishing to study in Australia—despite the current global economic downturn.

It’s important to remember that historically we’ve seen international demand for Australian education continue, even during economic slumps.

And on the higher education front, I’ve made it clear the Government is committed to providing more opportunities for students, ensuring academic freedom and autonomy, and encouraging and supporting research—and particularly through international partnerships.
From early childhood, school, vocational education and training, right through to the university sector, this Government is committed to delivering an Education Revolution.
Rest assured, we know how valuable and important the international education industry is to Australia, to other economies and societies, and of course to individual students themselves.
This industry supports an estimated 80 000 Australian jobs.

Having international students on campuses here in Australia—studying alongside local students—creates a better, fairer and more tolerant society, and ensures a wider diversity of programs for both Australian and international students alike.
International education also creates and encourages the knowledge and skills which are crucial to tackling some of the serious global challenges we all face, like climate change, water resource management, food security, global poverty, and international political and social unrest..
Quite simply, the international education industry has tremendous capacity to continue to contribute to both our national and international goals, and this is particularly true in these troubled financial times.

You will all know I’m sure that ‘Live, Learn and Grow’ is the tagline for Australia’s international education brand, Study in Australia. Central to this brand identity is the high quality learning and lifestyle opportunities offered by Australian education.

Above all, I want Australia to be seen by international students as a welcoming place to study for a globally recognised education qualification.

For the full speech floow th link below.

via ALA Blog – A catalyst for lifelong learning: Julia Gillard’s Speech – 16 March.

upcoming in Malaysia – Study in Australia Exhibition 24 & 25 October 2009 KLCC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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One response to “543,000 international students study in australia – itsReal

  1. Good article!

    I heard that there is a forecast that shows that Australia will have 1 million international students in 2020… it this for real??

    Do they have the infrastructure for this??

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