Top Five Principal Science Drivers for SKA Project

Perth Education City is proud to present Professor Peter Quinn for a special seminar at the Australian Education Showcase 2009 on the cosmic journey back in time – the findings, the mysteries uncovered and the new generation of telescopes that will be built.

Key science projects

The SKA science impact will be extraordinary. Recently the SKA’s International Science Advisory Committee (ISAC) has agreed upon five principal science drivers against whose requirements any technical design must be tested.

> The cradle of life
There is increasing interest in the community in astrobiology and in the search for Earth-like planets. The SKA has the unique potential for finding evidence of extra-solar terrestrial planets and of other life like us.
>Strong field tests of gravity using pulsars and black holes
Pulsar surveys with the SKA can discover tens of thousands of pulsars, amongst which we expect to find a pulsar in orbit around a stellar-mass black hole and pulsars in close orbit around the super-massive black hole at the Galactic Centre. more…
> The origin and evolution of Cosmic Magnetism
Radio astronomy is uniquely placed in its capability to study magnetic fields at great distances. Large-scale polarimetric studies will allow us to completely characterize the evolution of magnetic fields in galaxies, clusters and the inter-galactic medium; to investigate the connection between the formation of magnetic fields and the formation of structure in the early Universe, and to provide solid constraints on when and how the first magnetic fields in the Universe were generated. more…

> Galaxy evolution, cosmology and dark energy
The original motivation for building the SKA was to detect HI in normal galaxies at high redshift. Such an experiment promises a particularly exciting result, in that the vast volume of space probed by an SKA HI galaxy survey will provide an exquisite matter power spectrum, with which we can compute the Universe’s Equation of State, and map out the strength of Dark Energy as a function of cosmic epoch. At the same time, the SKA’s unique capability to observe the neutral atomic component of gas in galaxies will allow us to chart the kinematics, merger history and environment of ordinary galaxies as they evolve from redshifts z~5 to the present. more…
> Probing the Dark Ages
The ensemble of the data collected by SKA can provide unique information on how the first galaxies and black holes assembled themselves, and how they influenced their environment. more…

Study in Australia -Suntec Singapore March 21-22 2009

* Free Admission
* Information on Australian scholarships
* Talk face to face to Australian representatives
* Discover new academic programmes and emerging employment trends
* Meet and hear Professor Quinn on the SKA Project & the Quest to find the Dawn of Creation

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