The Second Life Hype Has Fizzled—Is Twitter Next? –

Twitter is the Media rage at the moment even in Singapore – so what awaits twitter the company and its users ?

So what does this have to do with Twitter?

Twitter’s hype has reached a fever pitch. Celebrities including Britney Spears and Shaquille O’Neal Tweet regularly, and with stories on CNN, in the WSJ and the NYT, among others, it’s garnering about half as much news coverage as Facebook, with barely a tenth of Facebook’s traffic (via VentureBeat).

Flush with $35 million in new funding (and still no business model yet), Twitter could be headed for an incredible backlash. As Rob Hoff, the Business Week editor who penned the Second Life cover story, told Glaser: “This kind of cycle is endemic to journalism, for better or worse: Build ‘em up, tear ‘em down.”

via The Second Life Hype Has Fizzled—Is Twitter Next? –

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5 responses to “The Second Life Hype Has Fizzled—Is Twitter Next? –

  1. skribeforti

    Anyone that compares the hype surrounding SL to the hype surrounding Twitter doesn’t know much about either.

  2. skribeforti

    Purely sensational and unoriginal. beat them by 3 months.

  3. skribeforti

    I think a whole stack of marketeers thought they knew better than the residents, were proven wrong and are now bitching about it. The numbers are now actually better than the hype of 2007.

    I’m not a big fan of Second Life. Like democracy it’s just better than all the alternatives. I still use it because I haven’t found a substitute, although I must say that if Nortel gets the pricing right then web.alive is likely to take a big chunk out of SL’s business market.

    Is marketing a function I’d use SL for? For me, Second Life is like a foreign country with its own culture and rules. Market in any country without understanding its values and systems and most of the time you’re going to be throwing away money – hopefully in my direction, please. The ones that are going to see a decent ROI are those that take the time to learn how things are done and then strategise to employ that knowledge.

    To answer your question, has it fizzled? No, but it might soon if the alternatives prove viable. Until then it’s still really the only game in town. Comparing hypes is nonsense though. You may as well compare Twitter with Watchmen or Second Life with the hulahoop. It’s sensationalist buzzwording to attract hits from the aggregators like Digg and Reddit. There’s no insightful commentary just an overhyped headline.

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