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Last year I did a search on for “social media” and i got an amazing ZERO jobs results.  Today I thought i would try again to see if things had changed, knowing full well that they would have.

Today, hosts 44 current job openings that are related to social media. I have not checked them all but “Social Media Manager” positions lead the list. is a google of recruitment who focus on Asia Pacific, the wave of social media activists like myself and others more high profile, seem to have created a NEW world of career opportunities in Asia Pacific for those keen to take advantage of the benefits of full scale social media strategies for business.

Here is the link to the jobs on offer

…and if you are thinking of a career in social media maybe my secret… social media secrets might help out…

Like everyone is in awe of the platforms, technology & commentors that allows for social media success like; facebook, twitter, NING, linkedIn, Friendster,, orkut, plurk, MIXX, DIGG, youtube, wordpress, blogger,, nuffnangtwine, squidoo, stumbleupon, kindernet, expatfinder, getsatisfaction, techcrunch and many more

… so will corporations be in AWE of the social media experts inside their business who will deliver unprecidented profitability by treating and engaging with customers and partners as part of their business community, with all the benefits and rewards the customers deserve. Social Media will lead the way in redifining customer relationships and i imagine the next time I do a search for social media jobs openings the results will far exceed my wildest imagination.


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