What has Virtual Worlds done to peoples Imagination – itsReal

Thanks Skribe: http://www.skribeproductions.com/2009/03/05/world-builder/

Skribe, your presentation inworld this weekend at the Jokay UnConference – tells the story of viral video and its surge in dominance over text, it is only the beginning – videos matched with imagination, like these above of how the world might be and can be is really the payload for life in the generations ahead.



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2 responses to “What has Virtual Worlds done to peoples Imagination – itsReal

  1. skribeforti

    Thanks, mate. It was great to have you there.

    Yes, virals are exciting, but they need to be done with due care and lots of planning based on good research. Even then I prefer conceiving a viral concept and then finding the product/business/brand that will best employ it instead of the normal route where Brand X comes to me and says I want a viral for my brand. Too often the normal route is an exercise in futility. Enough of my ranting though.

    Once again thanks for participating. It was a genuine pleasure.


  2. Nice vids. I love the way virtual worlds is taking our real world. Btw, did you know there are so many Virtual world engines out there -http://zatun.wordpress.com/


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