Live, interactive hologram communication demo in London

Live, interactive hologram communication demonstrated in London Image 1

Holographic people have been in a staple in science fiction for decades. But now, just as as many other tecnhologies once were science fiction, three dimensional holographic communication systems are becomming a reality.

Last week there was the first live and interactive demonstration of a hologram communication system set up in a downtown London office.

The hologram is of very high quality, as you can see for yourself in the video below. There is hardly any noticeable delay in transmission, and the projection technology allows for personal interaction between people, and the projection. The projection itself is life-like, and projected at 50 frames per second.

The first public demonstration of this new technology was on CNN, in November of last year. A select few others then tried out the system, including Nike executives, musicians Madonna and Gorillaz for concerts, and Sir Richard Branson.

The successful live public demonstration last week was the result of two companies working together: MASERGY, a global network service provider who provided the network know-how for the fast, high bandwidth communication; and Musion, who developed the holographic projection system, which goes by the tradename of Eyeliner Foil.

The hologram telepresence system is being marketed as a ‘green’ alternative to actually flying somewhere and interacting with someone in person.

No price was given for the cost of setting up a system — but it does appear that, like so many other technologies, eventually the price will fall to levels that be affordable by almost anyone.

via Live, interactive hologram communication demonstrated in London – Neoseeker News Article.

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