Audi push for holograms | Australian IT

The debut of the life-size projection comes after several electronics companies demonstrated 3D televisions at the consumer electronics show in the US last month.

For all technology there comes a tipping point, and Audi’s holographic experiment, coupled with the sudden international interest in 3D as a viable technology, suggests that the tipping point in the next generation of electronic media and marketing is fast approaching.

Just as the iPhone shuffled mobile media out of relative obscurity, it may soon be the era of holograms and 3D, thanks to cartoons, out-of-home marketing and games.

Dreamworks and Disney have already announced that all their feature films produced from now on will be capable of being viewed in 3D.

Telstra has installed 3D screens at its corporate centre in Melbourne, while gaming developers are also salivating at the impact of an era of truly immersive games.

Brian Craighead, managing director of Prime Digital Media, which created the Audi projection, says the transition of interest in using holographic devices and 3D content has been swift.

“It really went from bleeding edge to leading edge overnight,” he said.

via Audi push for holograms | Australian IT.

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