top 10 UK Predictions – Singles

top 10 UK Predictions – Singles

  1. The Prodigy – Omen (Myspace)
  2. Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses (Myspace)
  3. White Lies – Taxidermy (Myspace)
  4. William Control feat. Matt Skiba – Deatchclub (Wes Borland/Renholder Remix) (Myspace)
  5. The Killers – Spaceman (Myspace)
  6. Ladytron – Tomorrow (Myspace)
  7. The Boxer Rebellion – Evacuate (Myspace)
  8. Glasvegas – Flowers And Football Tops (Myspace)
  9. Viva City – Kate Bush (Myspace)
  10. Lily Allen – The Fear (Myspace)

Go See The Prodigy LIVE in Singapore Feb 3 2009 then grab their new release The Prodigy: Invaders Must Die – featuring OMEN



“We’re all really psyched up about comin to Singapore. We’ve never done a gig there, can’t wait to get on stage and rock it. Look forward to seein you on 3rd and playing some new tunes.” Respect, The Prodigy.

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