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Pilot: Life On Life

Life On Line is about Social networks, games, shopping, dating, music, news and much more. Life On Line, a TV show about internet living.

Life On Line is a team effort by these talented people:
Host – Steve Cropper
Music – Space Junky
News – Sigmund Leominster
Social Networks – Andrew Peters
‘Shrink’ – Dr Roman Candle
Voice – Kayden O’Connell

Check the pilot out here: http://life-on-line.ning.com/video/pilot-ep-0109# or http://blip.tv/file/1701093/

When launched in February, Life On Line will be viewed on dozens of quality websites across the internet including:

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Flinty from The Prodigy gets final tattoo in Tokyo

Flinty (Keith Flint) admits to a bit of pain….

See the guys from The Prodigy Live in Singapore 3rd Feb 2009 – tickets available from sistic – www.sistic.com.sg

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tattoo artistry goes global – itsReal

The experience i have had with working with the 1st Singapore Tatto Show 2009 has been amazingly rewarding and i have met hundreds for people from all over the world and via facebook over 4000 have joined our group – amazing.

The paasion, enthusiasm and community spirit is unmatchable compared to other groups that i participate in so i have created another site to allow for more community buidling, jobs, groups and more… the url is http://tattooartistry.ning.com/


The ning platform is easy to use and if we get big enough I will be able to remove the google ads – jump in and Get Inked at:


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bloggers association under fire – itsReal

is it the name Singapore Bloggers Association that seems to be creating controversy for the newly formed group – Only recently launched the SBA seems to be getting a nasty share of the Singapore blogosphere chatter although a quick google search only recovers about 102+ links http://www.google.com.sg/search?q=%22singapore+bloggers+association%22&hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&hs=wez&filter=0

This seems enough for the Today Newspaper to give a good sized write up yesterday…

… so what is the verdict – will the Singapore Bloggers Association continue in the line of fire and formally build a loyal blogger community or retreat ?


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