Life On Line – A new internet TV program launches on February

A new internet TV program launches on February 1st that delves into how people spend their lives online. Life On Line, as the name suggests is about how people are increasingly spending more of their lifetime using the internet .

The TV show is the brain-child of Australian journalist and communications consultant Steve Cropper, who in 2008 was ‘Angelico Babii’, host of the LATE SHOW on Metaverse-TV ( and the creator of My-Metaverse ( a social network for people involved in the new media arts on the web.

“We want to go deeper into how people use their online time for news and entertainment, creativity, love, friendship, business, shopping, political engagement, work and play – or any other reason”, said Cropper. “We also scan the internet for emerging new talent – musicians, movie makers, writers, bloggers – anyone who is contributing to the richness of digital life”.

Life On Line includes a cast of seasoned bloggers, journalists and entertainers including internet band, Space Junky – three people living in the US, Australia and Malaysia who collaborate, record, produce and market their music entirely onine. The line-up also boasts the Marketing Director of the Association of Virtual Worlds, Andrew Peters who is also a leading practitioner of social networking and internet marketing campaigns. Every episode features internet news man Sigmund Leominster, a veteran blogger. There are guest comedians and musicians and interviews with people making news across the internet.

You are invited to visit the life-on-line viewers’ group website at

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