Inside the real world of a virtual Second Life escort |

“I’m not sure why I find it such a turn-on. I think it’s because when a man will pay to have you, you know he really desires you. It’s proof that you’re really wanted.”

She tried to run her own escort service in real life, but ultimately refused all offers.


“It wasn’t that I didn’t want to do it, not at all. It was because I was afraid of being discovered by my family. They would have never accepted it, and I didn’t want to hurt them or make them ashamed of me.

“Palela” first heard about Second Life in 2006, and thought it sounded “interesting but not worth investigating.

“However, in the summer of 2007 I heard that there were sexual aspects to Second Life, and I had the idea that this could be a way to live out my dark fantasy life without my family finding out. I joined a couple of months later, and have now been an escort for fourteen months.”

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2 responses to “Inside the real world of a virtual Second Life escort |

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