world wide rave posts at 1st Singapore Tattoo Show turned up at the hugely successful 1st Singapore Tattoo Show 2009 – and grabbed some unsuspecting Tattoo Fans to bath in some of the limelight….. the tattoo convention attracted some 15,000 local & international fans as well as 160 Tattoo Artists with legends like Paul Booth, USA, Bob Tryyell, USA & Show favorite Chris Garver of Reality TV Show Miami Ink….

Check out Tattoo Artistry on Facebook for more photos of the show – it’s colorful





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3 responses to “world wide rave posts at 1st Singapore Tattoo Show

  1. Wow – this is so amazingly cool Thank you so much for posting these terrific photos!!

    I can’t wait to post them on my blog and put them in my video.

    All the best, David

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  3. i got a topic about “What is the perception of young people having tattoo in Singapore? –> pls i need help



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