LIVE from Tattoo Show 2009 – Opening Day

Music From emcee & DJ for the 1st Singapore Tattoo Show 2009 ,  Emcee & Show DJ –  Shawn Lee is pumping awesome sounds thru Hall 6B – Singapore Expo, after I stupidly left my wallet at home only to have to return and pay for 3 trips in a taxi to get to the show – I arrived at 1130am and the beginnings of the expected crowd of 15,000 attendees had started arrived…..


Chris Garver, Paul Booth & Bob Tyrrell and all the other artists are here with their booths setup and the hall is looking colourful and buzzing… get on out here !!

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  1. Blaze

    Music was good… but sadly not suitable for a tattoo show.. I loved the show and was talking to Bob Tyrell. The poor guy was sitting front centre of the speakers and he hated the “disco” as he put it. He had his Detroit Rock City playing from his Ipos Bose speakers..but later in the day, the DJ was just getting lauder and louder. Metallica was totally drowned out!

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