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The Prodigy’s sweaty undies

Rookie band runner/driver reports in about the Prodigy’s undies….

IT’S almost midnight and I’m waiting outside the Hyatt for The Prodigy‘s sweaty undies.

As a rookie band runner/driver at Friday’s Big Day Out, this odorous task is my last duty for the night, although I dare say there are plenty of fans who would gladly swap places with me.

One of the crew finally emerges from the depths of the hotel and kindly picks up the errant socks, shoes, belts and other items of clothing that have been shed in the back of the Tarago during the tyre-squealing, post-gig dash.

The Prodigy LIVE in Singapore Feb 3 2009

The Prodigy LIVE in Singapore - Feb 3 2009 Book your tickets at

Having only moments earlier watched the band perform from backstage I was able, for a couple of minutes, to get a feel for what it must be like to be in one of the most popular acts in the festival.

Despite the swoon-inducing heat, the crowd was heaving. The air was densely humid, both from the mist sprayers and the punters’ sweat, but it didn’t make any difference to the fans screaming for the guys on stage. It must be awesome to be a rock star.

Having been offered the chance to work “undercover” at the BDO, I was unable to resist the opportunity to get a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes at Australia’s biggest music festival.

And my first job of the day was to collect UK dance legends The Prodigy from the airport.

Read more:,22606,24990509-5018092,00.html

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The Prodigy: Invaders Must Die New release date: March 3, 2009


Go See The Prodigy LIVE in Singapore Feb 3 2009 then grab their new release The Prodigy: Invaders Must Die – featuring OMEN


“We’re all really psyched up about comin to Singapore. We’ve never done a gig there, can’t wait to get on stage and rock it. Look forward to seein you on 3rd and playing some new tunes.” Respect, The Prodigy.

Spacer Icon

The Prodigy: Invaders Must Die New release date: March 3, 2009
it’s easy to forget that not only have the Prodigy given us some of the greatest hits of the rave era and beyond with ‘Outer Space’ ‘Everybody In the Place’, ‘Charley Says’, ‘Firestarter’ and ‘Smack My Bitch Up’, they also gave a face to rave and to the rest of us donated the whole idea of selling a credible, uncompromising dance music album with the personality and punk panache of a rock artist – and sold 16 million albums in the process.

Now, on Invaders Must Die, Liam Howlett, Keith Flint and Maxim all featured on the album, which is the first time since the release of Fat Of The Land in 1997. The result is back to their bone shaking best, a collision of old skool rave noise with the stratospheric limits of new technology.

‘Invaders Must Die’ (March 3rd) is 40 minutes of having your head battered by future nostalgia, serotonin levels twisted by feel-good horrorcore and your synapses snapped by whiplash attitude. It’s the sound of The Prodigy mixing up genres, contorting the past and rewiring the future, ram-raiding through the tranquility of music’s status quo like a blot on the landscape of England’s dreaming.

Invaders Must Die is the unique sound of The Prodigy, still trespassing after all these years, walking the path they’ve created for themselves. And with that free party attitude still breaking and entering where other’s can only dream of following.

“The Prodigy are back and they are here to dig up your dancing soul. Lock up EVERYTHING”

Clash (Feb 09)

“As devastating as you could hope for” – Mixmag (Feb 09)

“No other band has the crossover appeal of The Prodigy” – Kerrang!

“A frantic mash-up of breaks, rave and rock power all delivered in with the punk attitude that we know and love them for.” – DJ

“The Prodigy are back! And boy is it a welcome return.” – IDJ

“The Prodigy haven’t changed – they’ve just added enough new cusses to run up a national debt at the swear box.” The Guardian, live review****

“Brutal, skilful, faster, harder and more alive than ever before – the prodigal sons returned in style.” – Daily Star, live review

“Savage breakbeats, guitar hooks and plenty of swagger. It sounds like the second coming of the Jilted Generation.” – Metro

“The Prodigy are back to their best.” – The Daily Telegraph, live review ****

“The Prodigy can fairly be described as the techno equivalent of U2 or Oasis.” – The Independent, live review ****

“They’re baaack! The masters of the dance-rock hybrid are about to show us who the real daddies of the genre are!” – Kerrang!

The Prodigy Launch New Microsite

I am a Welsh Record Producer, Graphic and Web Designer, Film Maker, Photographer, Artist and Writer. Phew, that’s a mouthful! Hit me up if you need work done.

January 29, 2009, 10:10 PM – courtesy:

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Twinity Exclusive: THE SPIRIT enters Twinity

Sony Pictures and CineStar have teamed up to bring THE SPIRIT to Twinity, the 3D online world developed and operated by Metaversum. From 2 February, before the official movie release of this comic strip adaptation, Twinity’s community can look forward to a host of themed events, a competition, and the chance to win some exclusive prizes. A particular highlight is a THE SPIRIT mask, which enables its wearer to see virtual Berlin in the look of the movie.

Make sure you sign up for a FREE account in twinity –


Berlin, 29 January 2009 – It’s the turn of a new masked superhero to enter the 3D online world Twinity: THE SPIRIT, the latest movie to be promoted by Sony Pictures and CineStar in Twinity’s virtual CUBIX cinema before the official movie release.

For the very first time, the Twinity 3D community can get into the spirit of the movie outside the cinema as part of the THE SPIRIT promotion. Wearing a THE SPIRIT mask transforms the entire online world into the look of the comic strip adaptation – in black-and-white and brilliant red. Twinity is inviting all its masked members to take part in a screenshot and machinima competition. The most creative photos or movies shot in THE SPIRIT look and submitted to by 28 February have the chance to win exciting themed prizes.

Movie Trailer The Spirit : 1 million + views – launching in Twinity, 3D online world Feb 2nd 2009

twinity_thespirit_cinestar_cubix_exterior2small twinity_thespirit_cinestar_cubix_exterior1small

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Sexy Edge Queen Kat Von D Launches High Voltage Tattoo

Television personality Kat Von D

iKat Von D's new book, 'High Voltage Tattoo.'Kat Von D’s new book, ‘High Voltage Tattoo.’

Kat Von D goes for a little ‘High Voltage Tattoo’

Updated Wed. Jan. 28 2009 4:55 PM ET

Constance Droganes, entertainment writer,

Famed tattoo artist Kat Von D, the star of “LA Ink,” has written the definitive insider’s guide to the art of ink on skin. The ultimate communicator in a field known for looks more than linguistics, she’s penned a book that explains the allure of the tattoo and how to do it right.

Kat Von D is the Venus de Milo of high tattoo art, stacked atop her 1970s platforms with head-to-toe “tats” to die for. Renowned for her lifelike artistry with black and grey ink, she’s the fast-living rebel who makes “LA Ink,” TLC’s No. 1-rated show.

Von D’s painterly tattoos and pin-up good looks have earned her and  “LA Ink” a strong cult following in the United States, Canada and around the word.

Her new book, “High Voltage Tattoo,” won’t hurt that allure – earned largely by Von D for making a venerable pop culture accessory look hot once more.

“Some people might think tattoos are passé,” says Von D, 26, who makes them look anything but in this book, with its hundreds of skimpy bikini and camera-friendly glam shots.

“Whether you go to a concert in Madison Square Garden or a fashion show in Milan you’ll see tattoos on everyone – rich people, stars, ordinary guys. It makes sense because a tattoo is about being creative and expressing who you are. That need in us never changes,” says Von D.

That point, ironically, isn’t fans’ first focus in “LA Ink.”

Since its debut in 2007, this reality show has documented the ups and downs of her tattoo business. It follows the day of this 26-year-old edge queen as she manages a colourful and overly-dramatic staff, runs her busy social life – all time looking good in tight leather pants and a bustier.

But with “High Voltage Tattoo” Von D (aka Katherine Von Drachenberg) is making a new commitment to the art of her craft, not her celebrity.

The Prodigy Live in Singapore Feb 3

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Andrew Peters & The Best Job in the World

Andrew Peters debuts on Life on Line and chats in the Studio with Host Steve Cropper about the Island Reef Job in Australia, Singapore Tattoo Show & The Association of Virtual Worlds…check out Steve’s line up of guests and virtual living in this pilot of Life on Line

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Engage Expo Line Up – itsReal

Early Registration for Engage! Expo ends this coming Monday, February 2, 2009.

Engage Expo March 10-11 2009

Engage! Expo (formerly the Virtual Worlds Conference) is the event for youth and young adult brands, media and agencies to meet and learn how to combine their existing online efforts with the unparalleled engagement opportunities and new revenue streams of the 2D and 3D Web and Virtual Worlds. Now in our third year we invite you to sign up to receive our email updates.

Subjects covered at Engage! include kids worlds, toys, social media, games, virtual goods (micro-transactions), tween and teen-oriented virtual worlds, 3D Web advertising and licensing strategies.

Engage! Is All About Immersive & Engaging Solutions For Fun And Profit

Early registration ends next week – on February 2, 2009.  Register now and save.

TRACKS: Engaging Kids | Engaging Youth | Virtual Goods and Gifts


Additional speakers are being added. Be sure you sign up for our email to stay updated.

Tucker Aaron, Lead Strategist, Animax Entertainment
Larry Andreini, ZEO, RIDEMAKERZ
Jan Andresen, CEO, Weblin
Pano Anthos, President and CEO, Hangout Industries

Maria T. Bailey, CEO, BSM Media
Chris Bergstresser, Co-founder and CEO, Webcarzz, Inc.
Lauren Bigelow, General Manager and SVP Marketing, WeeWorld Inc.
Dr. James M. Bower Ph.D., Founder, Chairman, and CVO, Numedeon Inc.
Yuanzhe (Michael) Cai
Timothy Chang, Principal, Norwest Venture Partners
Ro Choy, Vice President of Business Development, RockYou
Lee Clancy Jr., VP of Product Management & General Manager of Direct Revenue, IMVU
Jorian Clarke, CEO, Circle 1 Network
Jesse Cleverly, connective media
Benjamin T. Duranske, Attorney, Pillsbury
Jared Freedman, President, Code4Software LLC
Barry Gilbert, VP & Research Director, Strategy Analytics
Richard Gottlieb, President, Richard Gottlieb & Associates, LLC
Neil Harris, Executive Vice President, Simutronics
Julie Hochheiser, Senior Web Editor,
Steven Hoffman, CEO, RocketOn, Inc.
Charles Edward Hudson, VP of Business Development, Serious Business
Teemu Huuhtanen, President, North America & EVP Habbo Business, Sulake Corporation Ltd.
John Hwang, Director of Products, Automotive, RockYou
Nabeel Hyatt, Founder and CEO, Conduit Labs
Joe Hyrkin, Vice President, Sales & Business Development, Gaia Online
Dan Jansen, CEO and Co-Founder, Virtual Greats
Sean Kane, Attorney, Drakeford & Kane LLC
Marta Kagan, Vice President of Marketing, Viximo
Jouni Keranen, President, iLemon
Thom Kidrin, President/CEO, Inc.
Daniel Kruchkow, Head of Digital Strategy, Crush Management

Dr. Andreas Lober, Partner, SchulteRiesenkampff
Kenneth Locker, SVP Digital Media, Cookie Jar Entertainment
David Lord, President, CEO of Knowledge Adventure
Sean McGowan, Managing Director, Equity Research Department, Needham & Company
Ravi Mehta, Vice President of Publishing, Viximo
Nic Mitham, CEO, K Zero
Philippe Moitroux, CEO, TAATU
Sergio Monsalve, Principal, Norwest Venture Partners
Dell Monson, Vice President of Marketing, Hidden City Games
Izzy Neis,  Sr. Community Manager, Six Degrees Games, Inc.
John L. Nicholson, Senior Associate, Pillsbury’s Global Sourcing
Jason Oberfest, Vice President of Business Development, MySpace
Jerry Paffendorf, Co-Founder, Wello Horld
Matt Palmer, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Stardoll
David Perry, Chief Creative Officer, Acclaim
Laurie Petersen, General Manager, Minyanville Family Media Inc.
Michael H. Pinkerton, COO, Metaverse Mod Squad
Joi Podgomy, VP, Interactive Development, Ludorum
Ken Ruck, VP of Global Digital, HIT Entertainment
Sean Ryan, CEO, Meez
Sabri Sansoy, Chief Technology Officer, Animax Entertainment
Sally Schmidt, Executive Producer, Circle 1 Network
Andrew Schneider, Co-Founder and President, Live Gamer
Joey Seiler, Editor,, Virtual Worlds Weekly
Christopher V. Sherman, Executive Director, Founder, Virtual Worlds Management
Anu Shukla, CEO, Offerpal Media
Adrian Si, Interactive Marketing Mgr, Scion
Ted Sorom, CEO, Rixty, Inc.
Reuben Steiger, CEO and Founder, Millions of Us
Sibley Verbeck, CEO, The Electric Sheep Company
Margaret Wallace, CEO, Rebel Monkey
Regine Weiner, Service Game Director, NR2B Research, Inc.
Jeff Weiser, Head of Analytics, SGN (Social Gaming Network)
Dan Yue, CEO, YouPlus
Jeremy Zorn, Vice President of Product Development, myYearbook

Additional speakers are being added on a daily basis. Be sure you sign up for our email to stay updated.

Engage Expo March 10-11 2009

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Pilot: Life On Life

Life On Line is about Social networks, games, shopping, dating, music, news and much more. Life On Line, a TV show about internet living.

Life On Line is a team effort by these talented people:
Host – Steve Cropper
Music – Space Junky
News – Sigmund Leominster
Social Networks – Andrew Peters
‘Shrink’ – Dr Roman Candle
Voice – Kayden O’Connell

Check the pilot out here: or

When launched in February, Life On Line will be viewed on dozens of quality websites across the internet including:

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Flinty from The Prodigy gets final tattoo in Tokyo

Flinty (Keith Flint) admits to a bit of pain….

See the guys from The Prodigy Live in Singapore 3rd Feb 2009 – tickets available from sistic –

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tattoo artistry goes global – itsReal

The experience i have had with working with the 1st Singapore Tatto Show 2009 has been amazingly rewarding and i have met hundreds for people from all over the world and via facebook over 4000 have joined our group – amazing.

The paasion, enthusiasm and community spirit is unmatchable compared to other groups that i participate in so i have created another site to allow for more community buidling, jobs, groups and more… the url is


The ning platform is easy to use and if we get big enough I will be able to remove the google ads – jump in and Get Inked at:

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bloggers association under fire – itsReal

is it the name Singapore Bloggers Association that seems to be creating controversy for the newly formed group – Only recently launched the SBA seems to be getting a nasty share of the Singapore blogosphere chatter although a quick google search only recovers about 102+ links

This seems enough for the Today Newspaper to give a good sized write up yesterday…

… so what is the verdict – will the Singapore Bloggers Association continue in the line of fire and formally build a loyal blogger community or retreat ?

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