Metaversum/Twinity announce stunning partnership – itsReal

Metaversum‘s new strategic partnership with Browser Games Specialists Bigpoint – Bigpoint with more than 40 million registrations & 150,000 new registrations daily – looks to be a great new partner?

The first virtual Bigpoint presence will be opening in the online world Twinity on 2 February 2009, with plenty on offer for all Twinity members.

Berlin/Singapore, November 2008 – Metaversum from Berlin, developer and operator of the 3D online world Twinity, today announced that a comprehensive strategic partnership has been signed with browser games specialists Bigpoint ( ). The collaboration will focus on building and marketing a virtual 3D presence for Bigpoint in Twinity. This will give Twinity members a new meeting place in virtual Berlin in which to find out more about the latest browser games from Bigpoint and take part in exclusive competitions and events. The Bigpoint presence is set to become an ideal venue for all gaming fans who want to keep up to speed with all the latest developments in the world of browser games.

For the very first time, browser games fans will be able to meet up with each other in Twinity, swap views about the latest games, or discuss new gaming strategies. They will even be able to meet up and game together in Twinity, which will boost excitement levels enormously.

Posters and other special advertising measures will be implemented at selected locations in virtual Berlin to generate awareness for the Bigpoint presence. And the official Bigpoint website will naturally also be advertising the company’s new virtual presence in Twinity.


“We love the concept behind the online world Twinity. Our virtual presence will put us in touch with a whole new target group in Twinity to introduce to our browser games. We greatly look forward to this cooperation”, commented Heiko Hubertz, CEO of Bigpoint GmbH.

“We have gained another top-class partner for our virtual world Twinity in the form of Bigpoint. This cooperation will enable us to add another facet to the strong spectrum of entertainment we already offer in Twinity”, added Dr. Mirko Caspar, CMO of Metaversum GmbH.

Register for a free twinity beta account :


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3 responses to “Metaversum/Twinity announce stunning partnership – itsReal


    Bigpoint is a con.
    I am tired of them conning me time and again and I have only been associated with them for nine months.
    The support team never seem interested in anything the paying customers have to say, they just sweep our complaints under the carpet. I have been unable to play the game on 3 occasions because of coding errors and have dropped in rank by what cost me roughly over £100 and hard work to attain. Not once did I receive an apology or any compensation. Therefore, I have wasted money on their game. I call it being robbed.
    And the support team constantly accused me of being a cheat which was later proven to be another coding error. I was told by a support member that even if I attempt to go higher with this that any email will end up back with them, that’s how obnoxious they are. “Fine, any communication in english gets back to the english supporters anyway, nevermind where you sent it”
    All complaints are swept under the carpet. Their site has a gold premium package that costs £35 for 12 months use, they are giving people 9 months use in the hope that people won’t notice, seeing as it continues to the next year if not cancelled. I unexpectedly cancelled mine which they didn’t notice, and a month later my premium ended after only 9 months of use. When I noticed this and enquired about it to their so-called support team, they blocked my account. And that is after I have spent hundreds of pounds on their site. They didn’t like the fact that I discovered their scam and have covered their tracks by messing with my account.
    DarkOrbit is running one big scam and their coders are useless, maybe the people at the top at bigpoint did or didn’t know about this but, I believe they do. I suggested they look into this, although, I know it will all be denied.
    Their support team keep telling me to go away and get a lawyer, they know how difficult it will be for me to prove anything.
    They have no respect for people whatsoever and whine like babies when we lose our temper with them.
    How can a site that is so big and popular be so nasty to people?
    I am very disappointed with this site, and it has made me very discouraged about joining any other sites.
    Please don’t waste your time and money on this con of a site.
    The people at DarkOrbit are running a con and I’m sure Bigpoint know about this seeing as the so-called support team are linked to Bigpoint.

  2. Talo

    Shakes & Fidget Jetzt kostenlos anmelden!

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