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Alexa currently have no rank for – but that will not be for long. the transition site for president & vice president elect – has to become the Pinnacle Social Media Site on the internet – now like the rest of us Mr Obama must have known the White House was his as this Transition site must have been started months ago….

Another cool feature is the An American Moment

An American Moment: Your Story

Start right now. Tell us your story in your own words about what this campaign and this election means to you. Share your hopes for an Obama Administration and a government for the people.

With Obama’s global popularity – it could be changed to – A World Wide Moment for America – Your Story

Want to work for Obama, here is your link of a lifetime:

If you apply for a position now, you will not need to apply again after January 20th. Applications submitted now to the Obama-Biden Transition Project will be retained and considered by the Office of Presidential Personnel after President-Elect Obama takes office. – How Awesum – APLINK

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