Can’t let the Obama win go unnoticed – itsReal

Social Media has revolutionized how people from all around the world get noticed – myself included – Obama’s win and his use of social media to help him along is verifiable proof that thru social media anyone can do anything – even become America’s first black president !

I picked up this item from Social Media Today which says it all….

Social Media Paves Road to White House

If blog posts by SMT community members offer a yardstick, US president-elect Obama owes much of his victory to a groundswell of voters support sparked by social media tools.  SMT community member Josh Bernoff, a Forrester consultant and co-author of the best-selling Groundswell, pointed out how president-elect Obama employed social tools to energize and consolidate a base of young and older voters into a cohesive political movement.  Branding guru Dan Schwabel looked under the hood of the Obama marketing machine, comparing its power to a successful automobile brand. Ogilvy social media doyen Rohit Barghava also drilled down on Obama’s game winning brand management strategy, offering community members suggestions on how this winning use of social tools can transfer over to online business in these challenging economic times.  Great community produces great content that can help you and your business grow.  That’s what it’s all about at SMT.

Even APLINK helped Mr Obama along with help from Twinity

for more on Obama at SMT

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