Star-Studded Twinity: Quantum of Solace Premiere, Weekend Club & zitty Reader’s Lounge

zitty Reader’s Lounge this Thursday!

Twinity’s second installment of the zitty Reader’s Lounge presents young German author Benedict Wells. The 24-year-old, Munich-born Wells reads a passage from his debut novel, Becks letzter Sommer (Beck’s last summer).

Date: Thursday, 6 November
Time: 17:00 (CET), 11am (EST), 00:00 (SST)
Where: zitty Redaktion

Sit back, relax, and listen as Wells tells the touching story of a lovesick teacher, a freaky German-African and a musical wunderkind from Lithuania on the trip of their lives from Munich through Eastern Europe to Istanbul. Enjoy this witty, wise and skewed tale about music, love and life.

zitty Reader's Lounge this Thursday!
Weekend Club Opening Party!

Weekend Club Opening Party!

The wait is over! The virtual Weekend Club celebrates its official opening party in Twinity! The event kicks off a series of regularly scheduled parties showcasing the ultimate in Berlin’s electronic music scene. Be there when the starting gun fires this Thursday, 06 November!

Date:Thursday, 6 November
Time: 19:00 (CET), 1pm (EST), 02:00 (SST)
Where: Weekend Club

Dance through the Weekend Club to propulsive beats and chat with the Weekend crew just like in real, non-virtual Berlin! Your DJ stimulates your soul with a varied set from Minimal to Electro.

Get your virtual gift: As a souvenir from this extraordinary evening, you can pick up your own Weekend-t-shirt at the party!

Twinity on the 007 Red Carpet!

Twinity on the Red Carpet! At Monday evening’s real-world premiere of Quantum of Solace at Berlin’s SonyCenter, Twinity staff were in attendance at the highly anticipated red carpet ceremony and caught James Bond (aka Daniel Craig) himself on camera!

Find out more in Twinity at this Wednesday’s 007 party and view the full version of Twinity’s red carpet event coverage, including interviews with Quantum director Marc Forster, Daniel Craig and Bond Girl Olga Kurylenk. Catch a sneak peek here.

Date: Wednesday, 5 November
Time: 18:00 (CET), 12pm (EST), 01:00 (SST)
Where: CineStar Cubix

This Wednesday is your last chance to get a 007 Fan Package from Twinity. Come to the party and find out if you’re licensed to win!

Virtual Berlin in Twinity!


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2 responses to “Star-Studded Twinity: Quantum of Solace Premiere, Weekend Club & zitty Reader’s Lounge

  1. Diana

    Can’t Wait! definitely going for quantum of solace All I can say is I’m stoked! By the way, some of the stunts looks really fun

  2. it will be easy to make Quantum of Solace spoofs… every where this Bond goes he breaks glass, he can’t get a gallon of milk from the store without it turning into a chase scene, and every time he punches someone in the face, they die

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