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twinity’s Apartment Contest is back!

Participate in Twinity’s Design Your Apartment contest and win big! Submit your furnished apartment to be considered for Twinity’s next big ad campaign, featuring a stunningly designed and furnished virtual apartment by one lucky Twinizen.

Get famous! One Grand Prize winner and two runner-up winners will be chosen from the entries. All winners receive globals, the coveted Golden Chair
t-shirt and a special award!

The Grand Prize winner’s apartment and avatar will be featured in Twinity’s next ad campaign. We’ll set up a professional virtual photo shoot in your apartment with one of Twinity’s famous staff photographers!

Design Your Apartment Contest
Design Your Apartment Contest
  • Grand Prize: Apartment and avatar featured in Twinity’s next ad campaign! 3000 globals, Golden Chair t-shirt & award
  • 1st runner-up: 2500 globals, Golden Chair t-shirt & award
  • 2nd runner-up: 2000 globals, Golden Chair t-shirt & award

To enter, send an email with up to 5 screenshots of your fabulously designed apartment by 6 November to from the email address you used to register for Twinity.

Don’t forget to include your username and the name of your apartment in your email.


At least one screenshot from each participant’s apartment will be displayed with teleport links in The Designer’s Club Apartment Gallery, so other Twinizens can check out your cool pad! The winners will be chosen by Metaversum staff members and announced at an awards ceremony on 11 November in The Designer’s Club.

We’ll present the prizes and awards, followed by a rockin’ party where DJ Tico plays Reggaeton tunes. Viva la fiesta! So what are you waiting for? Enter today and win!

PS: If you don’t already have an apartment, you can easily buy or rent a new one! Click “Places” on your toolbar and choose “Get your own place”. Give your place a name and follow the instructions to create yours!

Virtual Berlin in Twinity!

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