Twinity Globals (virtual currency) up for Grabs – itsReal

Last Chance to get 1.000 Globals!

Buy your own virtual Berlin apartment in Twinity by 31 October and use the 1.000 extra globals to design it just the way you want it to be! To get the 1.000 extra globals, just log in to Twinity and send a message to the Twinity Real Estate Agent.

There are three ways to get your own place in Twinity:

  • Take a walk around virtual Berlin, find a building you want to live in and click on the green teleport button (you must get close to the building to see the button)
  • Virtual Berlin in Twinity!

Buy or Rent Your Own Place in Twinity!
Buy or Rent Your Own Place in Twinity!
  • If you already know an address of an apartment in the currently developed area of Berlin Mitte you’d like to purchase, you can use the Search Address function under Real Estate on
  • Another way to find an apartment to buy on is through the Twinity Marketplace. View a list of the latest offers in and around the Hackescher Markt district of virtual Berlin.

Have a party and entertain your friends any time you want to or share your new apartment with flatmates and let them help you create a unique home in Twinity.


PS: Check the Twinity Job Center for your opportunity to WORK and EARN more virtual cash! For more information, become a friend of “Earnie Globals” and send him a message on
Virtual Berlin in Twinity!

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