Genting Highlands – APLINK Refused on Ride WHY – Day 2 – itsReal

Today was much warmer than yesterday – so after a hearty breakfast we headed for the heated pool at the Awana Resort (it turns out not heated) spent about 2 hours in the sun and it was nice to feel the sun – spent the afternoon blogging, when will i learn a resort is for relaxing.

Awana Resort by the Pool

Awana Resort by the Pool

Awana Tower Hotel Genting Highlands

Awana Tower Hotel Genting Highlands

We took the skyway cable car, an amazing 15 minute cable car ride up to genting entertainment city. Amazing views of Malaysian Rainforests, and oh so quiet…

We ventured to the outdoor theme park – 1st ride – now this is really AWESOME and Singapore does not have it yet – It’s called the Flying Coaster – WOW WOW WOW – you have to try it is all I will say.

WOW WOW WOW Flying Coaster Genting, Malaysia

WOW WOW WOW - Flying Coaster Genting, Malaysia

After you do the best ride – everything else seems tame – and it was – we did the cockscrew coaster – which gave a thrill in places – Imran hit the Go Kart Track then we climbed on the Space Shot for a nanosecond thrill – heaven knows why the Crazy Space Lab was ever constructed – and for nostalgia we boarded Malaysia’s 1st Roller Coaster the BlowHole – its MANUAL – that alone gives it one WOW.

Feel The Speed - HA HA Go-Kart Genting, Malaysia

Feel The Speed - HA HA Go-Kart Genting, Malaysia

Now comes to where APLINK gets refused on a ride – we had exhausted the adult styled rides (haha) we even did the Pirates thingy but I tell you it’s a big Why Bother – when i spied the Water Bumper Boats – now that looks fun ! Off we head down to the water to get in line – yes there was a line for this crazy show attraction – as we go to join the line I am stopped and asked to stand on some old scales, to my horror the attendant said your too heavy – excuse me I say – and he points out that my weight should be here not the 5 kilo’s heavier where the arrow has indicated on the old scales. He continued, you can’t do this ! APLINK refused on a ride – OMG. Disappointed and cursing why I eat so much food at the Geek Terminal in Singapore – we left. BTW you need to weigh 75kg or under.

Back to the inside Theme Park which unlike the outside theme park is bustling with thousands of people – i hurry past the casino’s temptation which is not on my schedule today and head back for the Sykway Cable Car to the serene Awana Resort at the foot of Genting Highlands

– I’m headin to Kuala Lumpur 2moro.

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