Patent Pending – LCD fix for MOTORAZR V3 & V3i’s – itsReal

Sorry Motorola – I have started the Patent Pending for this Support Fix.

I own two MOTORARZ phones – one is the unique limited edition RED  V3 & a standard V3i

My limited edition RED V3 – one day decided to stop displaying content on its LCD screen so after carefully removing batteries a number of times and replacing to no effect – I reluctantly put my MOTARARZ RED V3 to rest on my bookself – still to be displayed as a Phone purchased with Pride.

I stayed true to Motorola and immediately went out and purchased a V3i edition phone – within 6 months the same thing happened – the LCD became blank – this time I went thru the same careful dance of replacing the battery – speaking to it nicely – hoping for a miracle. Alas the handset did not comply.

Out of sheer intolerance and a moment of desperation I hurled the V3i across the room and heard it land HARD on my apartments Marble floor. Sweeping up the pieces  feeling ashamed at this act of violence and replaced all the pieces. As I put the battery back in, the LCD began to flicker and come alive – OMG

Today the LCD continues to work and function normally.

So why a Patent Pending for what seems to be an act based on APLINK being nothing but furious.

A good blogger friend of mine came over this weekend – and I was explaining how I got my V3i’s LCD to work again – and as a demonstration – I grabbed my RED V3 (remember the one i purchased with pride on the bookshelf) and threw it across the floor  – shocked my blogger mate jumped with fright. When I retrieved the RED V3 – OMG the LCD screen was working – AGAIN

Now some may think this a fluke or a made up story – yet it is the truth – I hope i get my patent !!

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