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Business in Virtual Worlds News Roundup – Oct 13-19 2008


–>Headlines about virtual worlds just from the past week.

This week was about trimming the fat.

I decided to stop posting about the launching of every kid’s world. Frankly, there are so many now, I’ll only really bother with the occasional one that tells a wider story about the industry as a whole (see the Build-A-Bear article).

I’m also completely skipping articles that are misleading or purposefully manipulative (see… uh… the three articles I just deleted…).

Lastly, I’m still ducking rumors, announcements about “upcoming” projects that may or may not have serious funding, or upcoming soon-to-be-released software. If it’s not happening now, it isn’t affecting people, and I’m not worried about it.

This kind of meant I ended up with nothing for Nerds Only or Games. I could have posted the dozen or so articles about Obama in Burnout Paradise and other EA games, but… there’s no room for politics on this blog. We have work to do.

We’re left with some very quality stuff, however. Take some time going through the articles, even in categories you might normally skip. This week some are sleeping, and some are soaring.

Past weeks:

Disclaimer: As with everything on my blog, the opinions expressed here are mine and do not reflect on Clever Zebra, the vBusiness Expo, my friends, my family, the People Under the Stairs, Pennywise, etc etc etc… k here we go:


Quarterly virtual-world funding tops $148 million
Here are the raw stats, and their analysis. The above link goes to CNet’s elegant summary. New York Times took it and ran too. Everybody likes numbers!

PC-Based 3D Virtual Worlds to Reach 33 Million Users in 2013
Speaking of numbers… to be honest, I think this number is low but let’s go with it as a conservative estimate. More on this from TMC net.

Wipro’s presence in SL
Well, the actual title was “Virtual world” but that’s a bit generic, don’t you think? Anyhow, great overview of Wipro’s model campus of its offshore software development centre (ODC) for American and European customers.

Stonfield InWorld and Sofinco Announce eCommerce Effort in Second Life
Not to be confused with last week’s story on Boulanger and IBM’s “VirtualEShopping”.

Online Therapy Institute launched
Press Release. Well that’s it then: next week if there are this many medical field related stories again, I’ll have to create a “Medical” category. These guys are on board!

Build-A-Bear Q3 Earnings Call: Virtual World Provides Added Customer Value in Economic Slump
That’s right, virtual worlds fight recessions!

Training and Education

Darwin’s Famous Journey Is Recreated in Second Life
To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, the University of Cincinnati has recreated the Galapagos Islands, where Darwin conducted some of his famous research, in Second Life.

First Paramedic Course To Use Second Life
Eek, they said “first”! Anyhow, good stuff from Medical News Today, worth reading!

Government and Military

Are you being serviced?
Uh… I guess “being serviced” means something different around here than it does in Australia. Anyhow. You may find this article confusing at first if you’re not familiar with what they mean by “workflow language”, but this is VERY much worth working through! Lots of large organizations (private, educational and governmental) involved, a seven-year budget of $120 million, and some serious ROI predicted.


Virtual world advertising: A wasteful expense, or a bargain for marketers?
The original title was… wildly misleading. Good call guys. Finding ROI on marketing efforts has always been extremely difficult, and truth be told there are very few marketers out there who “get it” yet. It’s understandable that there’s some confusion, and I think Cyndy Aleo-Carreira did a fair job being even-handed here despite the temptation.

James Bond Promo in Twinity
You know, I get these emails from Twinity too but I’ve been remiss about including them. Still, this way I get to link both them and MindBlizzard at the same time! Hi VeeJay!


New kids worlds, new features in kids worlds, more worlds based on toys and more toys based on worlds… etc… nothing I didn’t say in August of last year.

Nerds Only

SEGA announced some stuff that will look completely different by the time it gets to North America… slow week I guess.

Newbs Only

Virtual sex in virtual worlds
Mail & Guardian Online discover that people “meet” in “virtual worlds” and… this is so old I’m even getting sick of the “excessive quotes” gag…

Professor wins award for work with Second Life
The first line really cracked me up. I thought the author was referring to the audience.

Sociological Oddities

Monogram Virtua Convention Center Hosts Second Bi-Annual Erotica Expo in the Virtual World
Press Release. I’ve placed this under “Sociological Oddities” purely because of North America’s peculiar squeamishness with regards to sex, but truth be told this is a business reference. Here we learn A) how virtual spaces can enhance, and are becoming essential for, any expo, and B) one of the world’s biggest industries is taking it seriously.

Police protect students from inside ‘virtual world’
Another bit about West Yorkshire Police’s virtual world safety campaign.

Alum’s film brings real camera to virtual world
Documentary follows three people inside and out of Second Life. Entitled “Life 2.0″ it shouldn’t be confused with the Dobb’s events.

Second Life Dropouts Return To Real World
We dig up people who weren’t happy with Second Life. The piece kind of reeks of fail – Linden Lab’s seeming hatred of those stupid users who want things to “work”, and users who can’t get a foothold in an environment that’s constantly disintegrating under their feet. It takes a lot of time and patience to work out ROI in this kind of space, and if this article illustrates anything, it’s that LL sure don’t make that easy.

Amazing Source:

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