Singapore – DMFest Preconference Meetup – Round up

Awesome round up of the pre DMfest meet up – Shunjie has passion

excerpt below…

The meetup kicked off by a series of introduction by Ivan Ho, who is running the Digital Media Festival, as well as Anthony Fu, who gives us more insight of the purpose and the schedule of the main event proper on the 30th and 31st of October. The purpose of the meetup is to allow the speakers and the blogger community of singapore to meet up and network, as well as to give us a quick showcase of some really nice user generated movie, one of which titled “Big Buck Bunny”, which is really very impressive!

The main part of the meetup evolves around the discussion of “User generated Content (UGC) , in particular in Singapore, as well as the viability of both the publisher and the platform provider to generate revenues via UGC. This spawn into very interesting discussion among the attendees. Some discussed points includes:

via | Tech blog of a Flex | AIR | Flash | Actionscript Developer | Singapore

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